When we speak about Napa Valley, the image of being on holiday getting a nice tan automatically appears in mind.

While a normal American might consider Napa as a place where only fine dining is considered as the only source of consuming food and the “Napa Valley Wine tours” are considered as what people do for fun. This is actually a theory that can be demolished now because the entire region of Napa is agriculture-oriented, meaning that the restaurant industry is booming in all aspects.

Let’s say that with the restaurant and retail industry contributing more towards the economy of this county, Napa Valley has much more to offer than just wine tasting and a 5-course fine dining eating experience.

To prove the point, we will discuss some of the most popular eateries in Napa are not as fancy as the so-called image of Napa is to the outsiders.

Sam’s Social Club

On the premises of Indian Springs Resort & Spa, this picturesque café has been responsible for redeveloping spa food and taking it to a whole new level. The lighter lunch menu is made up of chopped salad, albacore tuna sandwiches, and thin-crust pizzas.

Dinner includes entrances such as roast chicken and pork chops along with veggie-based sides and starters. The restaurant is named after the millionaire Sam Brannan, who first pictured the area in the 1860s as a hot springs resort, and the decor features retro swimwear and other antique-fashioned features.

We can surely say that Sam’s Social Club has been able to raise the levels of spa food by adding their own twist to the standard snacks.


The restaurant is based on a French theme, and the entire nationality of this menu can be called “typiquement français” or “typically French” in simpler words. Brandon Sharp of Solbar and executive chef Gustavo Rios have created a twist to your regular fancy French cuisine by adding a Creole and Californian touch to the food.

You can expect to have steak Frites, shrimp etouffee, crab bisque, and other menu items that scream fusion.

This small dining hall gives the vibe of a perfect place for Napa Valley Wine tours because of the black leather banquettes as well as a zinc bar. At the same time, the real action lies outside of the patio draped with wisteria.


This corner restaurant at the main drag of Calistoga, once known as Calistoga kitchen, is currently being owned by the creator of the beloved brunch of SF Zazie.

It has been kept a popular destination in its updated patio and brunch offerings with menu items such as French toast with cinnamon raisin walnut, a buffet breakfast served on the nearby English Bakery Style muffin. It is a laid back dinner, before leaving for hot springs or wine tasting, in a relaxing and calm atmosphere.

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The Model Bakery

The best English muffins in the world and some of the world’s best breakfast sandwiches with said muffins are certainly hidden behind these dark green gloomy doors. But, not everything Model Bakery has to offer the pastry case is full of sparkling croissants, moist banana bread bits, delicate cookie piles, sweet and scrumptious bread puddings, and other items which make it difficult to refrain.

Eat inside at marble cafe tables or at sidewalk tables, giving primordial St Helena watch –at some stage in the day, everybody passes through the pattern. Enjoy the best desserts in the county at this bakery at that too at exceptionally reasonable prices for the quality of food.

Gott’s Roadside

Over 60 years Taylor’s Refresher was renowned for this picnic table seater burger shack, but the title was changed when it was sold to Joel and Duncan Gott in1999. Thankfully, all that has improved is pretty much. The restaurant is still lined up with old-fashioned burgers, fish tacos, protein-loaded salads, and ice-shakes from Three Twins. It also has a long list of cold beer and, if you don’t realize you’re in Napa, more glass and half-bottles of wines than most others on the path.

Press Restaurant

If you are searching for a restaurant that treats meat seriously on the bar menu, then you should visit the Press Restaurant at all costs. This high-end steakhouse of St. Helena offers carefully made beef cuts, combined with broad Napa cabs and leather steps, but it has a lighter side too. The greenhouse paneling in the Barney dining room makes for plenty of light, beautifully balanced with elegant cocktails of homemade beer with ginger beer, new oysters, gulf shrimp, and seafood to complement all the beef. Don’t be waiting for a single day, if you have super affordable treats such as wagyu corn and a roasted carrot “hot dog.”

La Luna Market

Although its top restaurant scene is one of Napa’s main attractions, the headache of fine dining is literally real. Luckily, the valley has taco trucks and little bodegas with rear counters like La Luna that serve many locals in a casual setting looking for good food. Tacos, quesadillas, and more can be served in La Luna, but it is renowned for its complete burritos and particularly the surprisingly crisp carnitas. The big breakfast burrito provides solid conditions even for the most optimistic day of the wine tasting menu if you can get there before 11 am.

Bouchon Bistro

Shady about what to eat? No matter how confused you are, there has to be no confusion in choosing the Thomas Kellar staple, Bouchon Bistro. Indulge in the powerful French bistro fare that includes a daily raw bar and a selection of cardinal dishes like the famous steak Frites or a leg of lamb.

Select for yourself wine drawn from barrels.


Napa is mis-conceptualized to only serve fine-dining and expensive wine tasting. With the economy of this county running mostly on restaurant and retail business, there are several casual restaurants present in the city that are known to offer the best comfort food leaving your taste buds tingle for more.