Now granny homes are no more small wallpapered boxes, they are stylish, affordable and their demand continues to increase in recent economic times. When you have some spare space in your property the best way to use it is to build a granny flat. It can be your ultimate solution to make most of the space count. It doesn’t matter what your needs are; any modern granny flat can be a highly functional space even if it is small. It is complete in itself with the living room, bedroom, and kitchen, and bathroom area.

Benefits of Small Granny Flat:

  • Extra income: Small granny flat can be a source of additional income if it is allocated for rent.
  • Additional space: When a home extension is required then granny flat can be a great option.
  • Privacy: If you require a private space for living which is detached from the present space then these flats are great.
  • Landscape Enhancement: These flats are a great way to enhance the look of your landscape. Along with acquiring a great space in a beautiful spot, you can also stay close to nature.
  • Affordable accommodation: Shifting to any rented apartment, buying or constructing these homes or flats can be a costly affair but building the granny apartment is quite affordable.

Recent demand for the small granny flats has led to style and design revolution. More people are looking for a variety of unique layouts to transform the aura of the property. Here are some of the finest design ideas for small and modern granny flats from which you can choose your own design style to build your granny flat:

Various Designs for Small and Modern Granny Flats:

  • Minimalistic: There are many instances where homeowners want minimalistic designs for their modern and small granny flats. All these minimalistic designs are based on the utility concept. With this design type consumption of space is less compared to most of the other flats. This granny flat design emphasizes the utilitarian value. If you are planning some minimal look then opting for this design is ideal.
  • Abstract Architect: Abstract architecture makes any flat look like a work of art. For the modern granny flats also, this can be a great option. The best part of this design style is its ability to understand elegance and fuse it perfectly with the overall space of a small granny flat.
  • Country Cottage: If you combine modern country cottage design it can make a huge impact on classic granny flats. This is a style that gives vibes of living in free space, amidst blooming flowers, trees. It eventually uplifts the spirit of the space. The main element of the contemporary country cottage style design is its veranda space. One can simply relax and gaze at the sky and surroundings from there.
  • Step Up Design: You can go for step-up design if you want to add some interesting elements to your small granny flat. You can have a similar design for a different residence in your property. Stairs can give you a sense of separation. When your family expands, and you plan to build a granny flat, then this design style helps you and your loved ones to feel comfortable because of similar design.

No matter when you plan to build a modern granny flat in your property, you must always remember these amazing design ideas to make most out of the space.