Photo by William on Unsplash

Isn’t dining out such a wonderful experience? The ambience, the company, the delicious gourmet food. If given the option, many people would likely dine at a restaurant for every meal. Unfortunately that isn’t a possibility unless you’re good friends with the establishment’s owner or rolling in hundred dollar bills. While the feeling will never be exactly the same, it’s possible to bring at least part of that premium experience into your own home. Read on to discover four secrets that will take your cooking skills to the next level.

Safety first.

Many people prefer cooking with gas because it gives them superior control and quality over electric, but it comes with its own set of drawbacks. Thankfully, modern technology has brought us the wonder that is induction cooking. You get all the benefits of a gas stove without the safety issues. Invest in some of the best induction cookware and you’ll be whipping up delights in a flash with the confidence that your food, and the vessel you’re cooking it in, are absolutely premium.

Support your local community.

Speaking of premium, if your ingredients aren’t, then your dish won’t be. Next time you’re heading out for groceries, consider visiting your local farmers market or an independent butcher rather than spending money with a larger retail chain. Not only will your patronage be valued far more highly, the quality of what you’re purchasing will often be superior as it hasn’t had to travel anywhere near as far, and in many cases, is nowhere near as processed. Local, independent sellers will also be more inclined to offer you tips and tricks for cooking or offer recommendations if you’re stuck for ideas.

Fresh experiences.

Trying new foods can also give you that restaurant feel while helping boost your cooking skills. They say variety is the spice of life and this is certainly true when it comes to leveling up in the kitchen, as learning how to cook new things will also improve your ability to master old favorites. Plus, humans are wired to have a thirst for knowledge so this tip can feed your soul as well as your brain and stomach.Flick to a random page in a recipe book if you’re stuck on what new things to cook.

Experiment and get things wrong.

If you don’t make mistakes, you don’t learn. Simply just experimenting with new methods can take your skills to the next level for the same reason trying new foods can. Try cooking something new without a recipe; it doesn’t matter if you make mistakes and you might even end up pleasantly surprised by what an accidental dish tastes like. If you need more structure, attend a local cooking class and seek guidance from the pros.

At the end of the day, you won’t take anything to the next level if you don’t try because, as they always say, practice makes perfect. Make sure you use quality ingredients and utensils and keep trying. You might not ever be as good as a master chef, but there’s always room for improvement.