We are rapidly approaching winter, and as autumn kicks into full gear, now is the time to make this winter a little warmer than last. While we cannot change the weather, we can maximize our heating space to guarantee our space remains warm in the winter. Without the extra energy that space heaters exert and without turning up the thermostat, homeowners can enjoy the warmth and coziness associated with the winter season without the high heating bills.

The first thing homeowners should do before the season is upon us is to get their heating service checked out by a professional. The heating expert can do a routine inspection of your unit, and if working with gas, can light your pilot light. Beyond getting an expert out to your home, homeowners have a number of easy methods to warm up this winter.

Let’s take a look at a few simple ways in which homeowners can keep their home warm this summer.

Window Curtains

One of the easiest ways to insulate your home against the winter cold is to invest in a thick window covering. Curtains can allow heat into the home during the warmest part of the day and at night can keep the house warm simply by closing them and shutting out the cold. Homeowners can invest in a thick pair of curtains that will help hold in the heat while blocking out the cold.

Double-Paned Windows

Double-paned windows can also act as a shield against cold and an insulator for heat. Similar to curtains, windows act in a way to block out the cold and prevent heat from escaping. Paired with a good set of curtains, homeowners can pretty much guarantee that their home will remain warm the entire winter.

Use Timers On Central Heating

As opposed to running your central heating or gas heater all day long, use the settings on your thermostat to regulate the heat in the home. The worst thing homeowners can do is shut off the heater completely and then turn it on because it will take the area longer to heat the home. Furthermore, in response to having to heat up space, homeowners face extra energy costs. Instead, throughout the day, consider moving the thermostat up or down to find a comfortable, consistent temperature.

Use Heat During The Coldest Time

Typically, the coldest time of the day is in the evening into the night. This is probably the most opportune time to use the heat while daytime sunlight can be used to keep the space warm. In the evenings turn the heat up a notch, and in the morning turn it down slightly, as the mid-day heat can provide some warmth.

Move Furnishings Away From A Heat Source

If your home is heated by a radiator or central heating, keep furniture and other objects away from the heat source. For one, it’s a hazard, and secondly, you prevent the heat from circulating around the house. One way to avoid high heating costs is to make sure that the heat source is free from obstructions.

Use A Natural Source

If you have a fireplace or a chiminea, consider using it in the winter. The best source of heat is the natural source, and it makes for cosy gathering around the fireplace in the evenings. More importantly, you can find you’ll save quite a bit on heating costs.

Warmth As Key To The Season

Winter is the season where the mildness of autumn gives way to chilly weather. One way to guarantee that your home remains warm is to make sure that heat sources are unobstructed and to regulate heating the home to maximize energy output. Finally, curtains and double-paned windows are also great alternatives, in addition to using a fireplace or chiminea.