Fast playing casino games on which great fortunes can be won are popular with players, slots and video poker games are often the ones many players do love playing, but games such as Keno are also hugely popular too.

With that in mind, I recently sat down with Jayson Peter who runs the CasinoUSA website and asked him what the attraction was regarding real money keno games that can be played online, and whether they differ in any way from those games found in a land-based casino.

Keno is Simply a Number Predicting Game

If you have yet to play real money keno online, then you will of course need to have some idea of how the standard variant of that game is played and what you will have to do when playing it.

Well, it is simply a number predicting game, and one on which there are 80 balls in play in the Keno machine, each of which has the individual numbers from one to eight printed upon them.

Players are then given the option of picking out as little as one number or as many as ten numbers, (some variants can offer you the option of picking out more than ten numbers), and the ones you select are then placed on your Keno card.

You are then given the option of choosing a stake, and once done you click onto the draw button and the machine will then fire out the ten random numbers.

Dependent on how many numbers you have selected a range of cash payouts are then awarded to you based on just how many of them you have on your Keno card that you have matched with the ones fired out of the machine.

The more numbers you match the bigger in value the winning payouts become, match all ten and you will win the jackpot.

Tip Tips for Playing Keno

As online keno games are completely random in their design, then there are no real betting strategies or systems that you can adopt when compared to come casinos games that have an element of skill associated with them such as Video Poker or Blackjack.

As such never forget that you are going to be at the mercy of Lady Luck when playing. However, there is one way that you can increase the chance of you having some slightly longer sessions playing real money Keno games online.

Each number grouping you can select and have in play on your Keno card will come with its own long term expected payout percentage, and as such what you will always be best advised to do is to discover what the RTP is on each number grouping and then only ever place the one that has the highest payout percentage attached to it.

By doing so, over the long term those bets will return more of your stake money back to you as winning payouts, so keep that in mind when playing that game.

Fair and Random Keno Games

The only risks that gamblers should take are with the bets and wagers they place based on the house edge or RTP of those games, and they should never be taking risks with whether the games they are accessing and fair and random.

You have to be careful when choosing casino sites at which to play keno online for real money, as not all of them are offering genuinely random games, and you could end up playing at a casino site whose games are rigged, and therefore you will never win when playing those games at those sites

The one way that you are always going to have the peace of mind in knowing a casino is offering you certified fair and random games is by playing only at those that hold a full and valid gambling license, ideally by a gambling Commission licensed in the country in which you live and reside.

Such sites will have had to prove every single game they offer is 100% fair, random, and true before making them live and will also have to continually prove their random number generators attached to such games are completely random as well.