The balmy days of summer are behind us, but that does not mean we have to give up our favorite activities, activities like sailing. Yeah, there is still a bit of balmy summer breeze coursing over the Pacific, and there is no law that says swimsuits are illegal after summer. Whether you like to feel the strength of the boat under your feet or just want to sit back and enjoy the ride, sailing in autumn can be an awesome experience.

However, finding places to sail is not a problem, especially when Australia offers a variety of experiences like snorkeling or diving the Great Barrier Reef or touring Darwin Island. Those traveling out of Melbourne’s Martha Cove Marina can find there are both very popular and under-the-radar places to sail this season. In fact, the country is home to a few of the world’s unforgettable sailing destinations.

Let’s take a closer look at some of Australia’s most beautiful sailing destinations.

The Whitsundays

One of the most talked about destinations is The Whitsundays, which comprises over 70 islands. These islands are a part of the Great Barrier Reef, which is considered one of the natural Seven Wonders of the World and for a good reason. Visitors to this area are treated to diverse coral gardens, colorful fish, and sea turtles. If you scour the internet for this particular location, those looking for a place to hang out this season will find The Whitsundays one of the most popular for boating enthusiasts.

The Great Sandy Strait

For sailors who want to enjoy the sea but also want a mix, the Great Sandy Strait offers visitors the chance to participate in crabbing and prawning or fishing the bountiful trout, barramundi, sweetlips, mangrove jack, flathead, and whiting. The area is known for its diverse wildlife, and those visiting might be lucky enough to see dolphins, stingrays, and sea turtles, as well as other sea life, which can bring a different type of enjoyment. At the end of the day, take in the area’s splendor as it is one of the few places a person can get an up-close glimpse of Mother Nature at her finest.

D’Entrecasteaux Channel

The under-the-radar D’Entrecasteaux Channel is one of Australia’s most coveted destinations. Long a favorite of the accomplished sailor, the area has a host of pubs and other dining establishments and is host to the Royal Yacht Club’s Bruny Island Ocean Race. The area is located between Bruny Island and the Tasmanian coast, and sailors will find February one of the best months to visit because of the ocean race.

Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island is another area that is not quite as popular as others in Australia. A quieter version of the Great Sandy Strait, Lord Howe Island offers tourists and sailors the chance to see the exotic wildlife that makes up the area. This biological ark is also one of UNESCO’s World Heritage destinations, which means that only a limited number of people can visit at once. If looking for a peaceful, tranquil boating venture, Lord Howe Island can offer you the chance to have space to yourself (and a few others).

Hamilton Island

Home to the Hamilton Yacht Club, this island is host to a number of hotels and dining establishments, as the location has direct flights from Sydney, Cairns, Melbourne, and Brisbane. This area is great for people looking to spend some time with long and short-term rentals in some homes on the islands. If you love sailing culture, this would be one place to visit.

Sailing The Pacific

Life on the water can be a memorable experience, regardless of the destination. However, the mix of peace, grandeur, and intensity of being surrounded by a huge body of water as well as the attractions to be found in the sailing hamlets, it really takes vacationing to a new level. Whether choosing popular locations or lesser known areas, those sailing the Australian continent will find themselves blown away wherever they end up.