HGH The Heavyweight That Keeps You Younger

what is hgh

Human growth hormone (HGH) is a phenomenon that you must have heard at one point or another, but do you know how important this hormone is to the quality and sustenance of life?

It is a common misconception that HGH is only responsible for the growth process in every living organism, which of cause is not further from the truth—but much more are the numerous activities performed by this incredible hormone to keep us in a superb state of health.

For starters, as implied by its name, “human growth hormone stimulates growth, helps in cell reproduction, and also in cell regeneration. it doesn’t stop there, HGH in the form of pills have and will always be used to treat children with growth disorders and adults with growth hormone deficiency

Still, in the light of benefits of the HGH, it helps in the retention of calcium in the bone and regenerates bone minerals in the repair of bone damage. Bodybuilders also use it to build muscle mass through a system called “hypertrophy.”

HGH is also beneficial in the synthesis of protein, that is, it helps the body to better process the absorption of protein thereby reducing the loss of proteins that occurs during the energy conversion from protein to calories.

we can go on and on about the so many benefits of the human growth hormone in the human body—here is another kicker—do you know that the more growth hormone your body releases, the lesser you age, that is to say, you can reverse the aging process by boosting the production of growth hormone in our system.

The production of growth hormone when younger is more than the amount produced as an adult, a typical teenager secretes growth hormone of about 700 μg/day, while an adult secretes an average of 400 μg/day. It is very glaring that the older we get, the lesser we can secrete this hormone.

With what I have just shown you above, the question now arises—what can be done to see that we can trick our body into making more growth hormone as we get older. Below are a few things hints and suggestions to increase the secretion of “HGH.”


For as long as the existence of humans, fasting has always been part of life, especially in primitive times, when food sources were low, and humans had to survive on very little food. But is this the secret to what kept them active and gave them longevity or maybe not. The fact is that many studies have shown that growth hormones might not necessarily make you fit, but it does increase your muscle mass and reduce the amount of fat present in the human body.

Putting into perspective the science of how these works, in layman terms. HGH makes cells in our tendons, and cartilages to multiply, which implies more collagen, and more collagen means we can build more muscle, more ligaments, and more tendon tensile strength that allows us to lift more weight, get leaner and subsequently have the type of body we want.

In addition to that, it acts as a trigger in making the body utilize more fat as a source of energy. Usually, our body produces small amounts of HGH in the evening and some spikes in the morning.

Now, this is where it gets interesting…!

Fasting causes the production of growth hormones throughout the fasting period, that is, instead of the usual late evening and morning purge of HGH, there is a constant secretion of HGH when in that fasting state.

You don’t believe me?? Well, maybe you will consider the publication by the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism (JCEM) of a small study of how fasting can improve your growth hormone by five times.

we should note that the example above is of a small group that fasted withing a given period, but on the other hand, when you engage in fasting over a more extended period, the results will of cause surpass the five-fold result achieved by small intermittent fasting test.

Human Growth Hormone Pills

I know what you are thinking at this point, you are already probably shaking your head in negation, and for a good reason. But stay with me. A lot of many of these self-acclaimed HGH pills have in recent years made pills that come with a lot of side effects that have led people to become very skeptical about ingesting these pills or supplements.

But like every industry and walks of life, there are always the good eggs and the rotten eggs. The trick lies in doing proper research and finding out safe pills that don’t have any side effects whatsoever.

If you are the busy type (like most of us in this 21st century), then this route might be the best option for you. It will save you the stress of trying out so many so-called natural remedies of boosting your HGH, that necessarily doesn’t work. Truth be told a lot of all these publications on the internet are just people clamoring for your attention and following.

In a nutshell

Like we said earlier, you cannot afford not to care about the HGH in your body, because doing so is tantamount to not living a very regenerative and vibrant life. This article is not enough to begin to break down, intricately—all the usefulness and benefits of a body that is continuously secreting this growth hormone. Not only do you look ten to fifteen years younger, but your energy level and strength will also be off the charts (in a positive way of cause)