The worst thing that can happen when returning from a holiday is to find your personal belongings strewn everywhere and your home ransacked. More than just not feeling safe in your home, losing personal property to theft can be awful, especially when talking about heirlooms that mean so much to you but so little to a thief who might sell them for far less than what they are worth. After adding up all of the costs associated with what was stolen from you and your family, even with the assurance of insurance, many people have still been robbed of their peace of mind.

However, a lot of people do not realize that remaining safe begins with a few simple changes that can be made in and around the home. For example, putting the mail on hold while on holiday or making sure that your windows have window dressings, so would-be burglars do not have a clear view of you, your family and all your personal belongings are good places to start. Homeowners can avoid break-ins simply by assessing the risks in their home and making changes that strengthen these weaknesses around the home.

Let’s take a closer look at some effective measures you can take to keep your home better protected and avoid break-ins.

Security Windows Screens And Doors

Security window screens and doors are the perfect way to prevent trespassers from entering your property. Today’s screens provide homeowners with adequate coverage and strong, durable materials that are sturdy enough to withstand break-ins. Criminals cannot just pop the screen and enter the home. Security doors can also prevent break-ins, and the plus about these doors is that they are so strong that homeowners can potentially leave their doors open throughout the milder months. While also being a way to secure your home, they inadvertently help with energy costs because you can essentially leave windows open during autumn and spring when the weather is more pleasant.


Landscaping plays a huge role in reducing the chance of your home being burgled. High bushes and trees that lean against the windows or exterior fencing are also great hiding places for thieves. To avoid providing burglars with shelter, consider trimming down bushes and pruning shrubbery and trees around the exterior of your home, especially near groundfloor windows. With no place to hide, burglars are less tempted to risk breaking into your home.

Motion Sensors

Another great way to prevent break-ins is to invest in motion sensors. Using the same technology used for energy-efficient lighting, motion sensors turn on bright lights when there is movement detected in the area. Again, motion sensors are great for homes that are dimly it or that have a lot of trees around the perimeter. In the evenings, when returning home, these same sensors can provide lighting for you as you move from your car to your home.


One of the great features of a home is having windows to look out at our surroundings and allow fresh air and natural light to flow through our space. However, while you’re looking out, others may be looking in, and homeowners are inadvertently telling anyone who passes by about the expensive flat screen television that they own and countless other valuable goodies that can be pawned or sold easily. While you do not have to shut yourself into darkness, consider window treatments that make it difficult for others to peer into your living space and see what valuables you have inside.

Locking Up And Looking Out

Even with the numerous avenues that make it easy for others to find out information about us, homeowners still hold quite a bit of power in determining the safety of their home. Locking up your valuables and being aware of the different ways that you potentially advertise to the world that your home is vulnerable and accessible are the first steps in prevention. Burglars will not be tempted to break into your home if there is nowhere to run, hide, or seek shelter. When it comes to break-ins, prevention is always better than cure, so take the necessary steps to ensure your home, your family and your belongings are kept safe and protected at all times.