4 Things to Do When Clients Stop Opting for Your Services


When you are associated with an SEO or marketing firm, you are aware of how things change with the drop of a hat. The shift in the budget, campaign changes, company policies evolve, and now, of course, the COVID-19 global pandemic affecting businesses all over the world. Then, no matter how much you plan, we cannot predict everything like the current Coronavirus crisis forcing businesses to come to a halt, and companies are thinking about stopping their marketing efforts. When your clients refuse to pause on your marketing services, it’s a matter of concern.

According to an article published on Huffpost.com, you need to grow your business. Then how, considering the current scenario worldwide? If some of your clients have stopped working with you now, you can at least request for endorsements from your existing and same-level clients who will recommend you to new clients, endorsing the topnotch marketing services you have on offer.

You can only make an effort, as you cannot prevent clients to pause your marketing services. However, there are certain things you can try to make clients choose your services. Here is how:

1. Optimizing budgets

The best thing you can do now is optimizing your budget for your business as well as for your clients. Let us explain this point with the help of an example. For instance, if one of your clients stops taking your service, find ways to cut back on costs. You can easily do this by cost-cutting on meetings or for that matter reporting. Account management such as bi-monthly calls would pause, and as far as reporting is concerned, it would depend on automated dashboards that you have developed for your clients beforehand.

Limit the use of SaaS tools that you can use once every couple of weeks or in a month. If you have another building, you can request the property owner to take deferred rent payment. It will depend on the state, as the property might not be allowed to ask for rent as the COVID-19 lockdown extends. Focus on your budget and figure out a plan to reduce expenses or postpone them.

Assure your clients that your services are always there and you will offer the best when things become normal. Until then, you are working in a limited capacity.

2. Communication matters

When you discover that your client says that he does need your services at this crisis hour, it becomes easy to shut your business. Then, if you are a responsible entrepreneur, you will not take this shortcut. Communication plays a crucial role in keeping the client-business relationship healthy and consistent. You may even require rebuilding it in the days to come.

Start your conversation, respond to client emails fast, come to the office early, and be active when interacting with your client. The key to the problem is to understand your client’s concerns. For example, if your client says that he cannot afford to pay for the package, you can provide free upgrades to that package.

You can offer free upgrades to robust lead generation packages and communicate this to your clients immediately. Instead of offering just the Google organic search campaign, you can upgrade your client to a power-packed, comprehensive Google campaign at no additional fee, even if your costs go up a bit. As an SEO expert and marketing agency, it is the best way to retain your existing clients and support them until the COVID-19 crisis fades.

3. Show flexibility

As far as SEO and digital marketing are concerned, flexibility is one of the best options now. As a professional marketer, you must adapt to the difficult times and make adjustments based on the outcome. When your client is thinking of not availing of your services, you need to figure out what you can offer additionally at this crisis hour.

You can provide more value to your existing clients to continue earning their trust. For instance, if you are looking after the content marketing services for your client now, you can provide email marketing as well, if your client requires that. Make sure you provide the best and creative services to fulfill your clients’ business needs. It will help you keep earning revenues to make you survive during this time of crisis. Once your client knows that you are flexible in your approach, they will opt for services now and in the days to come.

4. Be futuristic

With the COVID-19 pandemic taking a toll on people and businesses, it is difficult to predict what lies ahead. No one can say that there will be light at the end of the dark tunnel. Today, the greatest concern is uncertainty. Then, you will need to be futuristic and focus long-term.

Some of the top digital marketing agencies are now refining the powerhouse of information available to them and using the same to create something valuable to boost brand awareness. Your focus should be on the following aspects:

  • What is the current situation of the industry?
  • What will happen after the pandemic is gone?
  • How the brand is affected?
  • What does your business need to do to survive the pandemic?

These questions are not only for now but also for a year to come. Some experts cite that businesses should continue providing their SEO services even if client projects are less. Once the pandemic is gone, clients will come back for services.

Final thoughts

The need of the hour is supporting your clients, providing flexibility, showing that you care, and promising to continue providing the best services now and in the future. Do not panic or shut down your business if clients stop taking your services. They do it all the time. Focus on the tips mentioned in this article to sail smoothly as long as the COVID-19 crisis prevails. Understand your clients, their problems, listen to them, and come up with solutions that benefit your business as well as your clients. Your business should go as usual, even with limited resources. You need to earn your bread and butter. Ensure your SEO experts work from home to continue providing uninterrupted services to your clients.