You might be looking to get investors or sell a new product to a distributor, whatever it is, here are some of the best tips for making your business pitch land perfectly.

Being able to properly explain your company’s product or market plans is one of the most important skills you could develop in order to be successful.

So, if you are hoping to get in with your next pitch, listen closely

Talk yourself up

Speak about the benefits of your company, product, or plan, whatever they are, just sell them.

This means every detail counts, for example: if you are presenting to a tech-savvy investor talk about how you updated your eCommerce site with shopify inventory management, your presence on social media, etc.

You have to tread the fine line between boasting and selling yourself, but it is essential that the other side knows what you are worth, so they will want to invest in you.

Do your research

Before writing your presentation do some background work on who you’ll be presenting to, this will help you determine several important things.

If you do your job right you can win over the right investor or partner to put your business in a winning position.

This groundwork will give you helpful intel on how to present and land your pitch, little things like if it’s better to do slides or video can make all the difference later on.

Don’t be shy, contact people who might have experience with these investors, reach out to other entrepreneurs who have done pitches, get all the help you can.

Time is precious

Because attention spans are not endless your pitch shouldn’t be either, get to the point as quickly as possible without skipping the important parts.

Try to keep your pitch under 30 minutes, that will ensure your audience is still fresh enough to ask questions and pay attention to your answers.

Also, speaking in a timely manner makes you look like you know your stuff, no frills needed.

This tip counts whether your meeting is in person or online, time needs to be observed carefully.

Become the future

Now you’ve sold what you have, this one is about making your pitch look into the future to convince investors.

Using optimistic language, projecting your business into what to come, make it clear to everyone in the room that you have, or can create, a place in the market for years to come.

Speak in terms of what you want to improve, grow. Paint the picture of where you see yourself, and your investors, in the future with this product.

Motivation and confidence

Your demeanor will be a deciding factor in your pitch landing or not, so train yourself to get a perfect delivery of your message.

Voice pattern, volume, and security can make or break a business pitch. So, do whatever is best to boost your confidence to get ready.

Ultimately the best tool you have to get this point right is to practice in advance, alone, then with an audience, get feedback, correct mistakes, and practice again.


Your pitch is about your business but it’s also about you, so trust your gut and go for the win!