If you are reading this, then it is safe to assume that you own a website, and are looking to increase its visitors. Perhaps you have recently started a business, and your website is under development, or your venture is an old one, but you are ready to spend some bucks to actually take it out there. At the very least, you probably have a blog hiding somewhere on the world wide web, that is begging for some renown!

The Internet is crawling with billions of documents, and yours needs that extra oomph to make it to a better rank on SERP, or search engine results page. There are two kinds of listings on SERP: advertisements and organic results.

Organic Results

A few years back when it was only Yahoo and a few other search engines, a user’s search would return webpages that were most relevant to the query submitted. Then Google stepped in, and its algorithms would ensure that only those pages come first that are most popular among Internet users, i.e., the ones visited most often and the content on their site is most relevant to your search query. These are your organic results – webpages deemed most relevant by the search engine for your use.


There is more than one type of ad in your search results. When you search for something on your handheld device, it returns a list, and the top-most results consist of ads. There are your usual ads, better known as display ads, which have a distinct appearance of a box/banner with an image and an action button, and then there are your paid search ads, which have the quality of almost blending into your organic list of results due to their subtle form. A study conducted by Google revealed that the top half of the list (consisting of ads) has a 73% chance of being viewed, but when it comes to the bottom half comprising organic results the numbers drop down to a mere 44%!

Search Engine Optimization And Page Rankings

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Search Engine Optimization can do wonders for the visibility of your business online, and there is every reason for you NOT to give it a backseat (especially since this survey has confirmed that despite the general ignorance of most people on the identification of paid ads from organic listings, 32.2% of users are among those who can identify a paid ad as one and choose to deliberately ignore it) but there are several drawbacks to relying on SEO alone:

  • It takes time and expertise to develop SEO friendly content
  • You may have to outsource from programs like white-label SEO for reliable and powerful content tailored to your business needs
  • Not only does content generation over the evolving Internet community takes time, but the search engines also takes time to collect user data for your webpages to rank it.

Reasons to Incorporate Paid Search

  • Exposure on Search Engines

Improved ranking on Google search, Bing or Yahoo — With millions of businesses jostling for the coveted space on the first page of search engine results your best efforts at content optimization and branding may only get you so far.

Investing in paid search will ensure you get the visibility that you are looking for, especially if you are new in the business and looking to make an online presence for yourself. With two-thirds of the Internet users going for top results sans any discrimination, paid search is the key to securing that space in their field of vision.

A high place in the ranking implies that the user will be more likely to trust you. It is important to note that a high position on the SERP, albeit a paid one, does not spoil your business position just because you paid for it. On the contrary, search engines are careful to analyze your content and relevancy to the requirement of their user to rank your website based on your quality score.

  • Immediate and Consistent Traffic

Get serious visitors – carrying out a search on the Internet today is frequently done by people. Someone who clicks on your advertisement is an evolved user, a serious individual who is looking to carry out his business with you or buying your services.

This results in targeting a wider audience, increasing the business of your company. These people are not simply out there surfing the web (social media websites and YouTube has filled that niche too!), but are looking to engage and pay for your product.

  • Tracking and Branding

Search-engine giants like Google and Bing provide their clients with detailed data; information that can be accurately analyzed and manipulated to draw profiles of users who clicked on your ad, including their location, time spent on your website and the pages visited therein, type of device used to access your website, etc.

You can then use these results to better tailor your website for visitors, analyze where and how your money is being spent, and decide what aspects of your marketing ought to change, thereby continuously improving your users’ experience, and your online presence.
The analytics will also serve a greater purpose – while it may be difficult to work out precisely what your client may require from you or the SEO services that you provide, the data generated by the search engine(s) will enable you to effectively brand your business.

Does Paid Search Eliminate the Use of SEO

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We have established why you require paid search. However, it is important to reiterate that while paid search is the tool that takes your website up on the SERP, giving it the necessary leap, it works best when paired with some excellent SEO strategies.

While paid search improves your ranking, great content goes a long way in amplifying your position in the organic listing. Great presence on both will further boost the confidence of your users, thus increasing traffic to your website, especially by bringing in the remaining 32.2% users who do not click on paid ads and prefer to browse through organic results.

For instance, it is easy to watch a great international chef rave about a recipe or meal, but that same review will get your whole-hearted approval for testing once it has been vouched for by a friend or relative.

Paid search allows its users to see which words were the highest-converting keywords, thereby allowing the website owners to identify the keywords that needed to be optimized on their webpages. This would also allow the owners to identify their problem areas, and come up with action items to work on. SEO companies usually offer this service at low or zero charges.

With the use of search engines like Google and Yahoo, having cemented more of a primary instinct for any individual with a query (and the unquestionable availability of Internet,) paid search advertising is a wonderful tool to grow your business. With the right research and management techniques, these search engines are an invaluable commodity to make sure that you reach the right number of relevant people, making the best use of your money.