No matter how ardent a fan you are of the environment and how often you fight for people to take more care of the planet, you’re still going to admit that pests in your home are not desirable.

The point of caring for the environment is to protect all creatures, but that doesn’t mean they can’t have their place, and that’s not in your home!

Fortunately, it is usually possible to find an organic solution to your pest problem.

The Problem With Pests

Pests carry diseases. There is no other way of describing the risks associated with pests in your home.

In short, if you care about your health or that of your family, you don’t want the pests in your home.

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Convention Pest Control Solutions

Most people pick up the phone and call the exterminators when they discover they have an issue with pests. While this may not be the most environmentally friendly option, it is generally the most efficient way to eliminate pests.

Don’t forget, pests like termites can do a huge amount of damage to your home, and it can be very difficult to locate their nest without professional help.

If you want to protect the environment, the best option is to use a qualified pest control firm that will ensure the issue is eradicated.

This will leave you free to focus on keeping the pests away with organic options.

The Organic Option

Prevention is always better than cure, that’s why you should speak to your local pest control service and get them to inspect your home.

They’ll point out cracks in door frames, gaps around your windows, and entry points where your walls meet the floor.

A good pest control firm will help you to identify all the entry and exit points that pests may use, and will then seal them up. This is a huge step toward keeping pests outside your home.

You can also use plants, water mixed with vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, and a variety of other options to eliminate the pests.

However, it should be noted that, in many cases, organic pest control measures will need to be repeated on a regular basis; this will ensure they remain effective.

If you’re opting for organic pest control, it is also a good idea to speak to your local pest control service regarding which pests are most prevalent in your area. This will help to ensure the preventative measures you’re taking are against the right pests!

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Benefits of Organic Pest Control

There is no doubt that organic pest control measures are becoming popular. In fact, there are a number of benefits of adopting this type of pest control:

Environmental Impact

This is the most obvious benefit of organic pest control. You’ll be reducing your impact on the environment and effectively helping to save the planet.

When toxic chemicals are used, they will enter the air and the water supply, potentially killing creatures that are not seen as pests. The chemicals can also react with the air to cause damage to the ozone layer.

Knowing that you’re not contributing to environmental problems for your children gives you a pretty good feeling.

Low Odor

One of the first things you’ll notice when you use toxic chemical pest control methods is that you can smell the solution. It gets in the air and can feel like it’s suffocating you.

This isn’t an issue with organic methods; the odor is kept to a minimum, making the entire experience more pleasurable.

No stains

If you inadvertently spray toxic chemicals on your furnishings, there’s a good chance you’ll get a stain that will be virtually impossible to remove. Because organic pest control solutions are natural, this will never be an issue for organic pest control.

All the substances you use can be washed out of clothing and furnishings.

Safe For Your Family

The health of your family is important, and it’s good to know that organic pest control solutions help you to maintain that health. Many pest control chemicals can trigger respiratory issues and allergies.

It’s essential to remember that the chemicals are designed to kill pests. In a large enough dose, some of them could also kill humans.

Easy Access

Some fo the best organic pest control options are simply plants or the oil from these plants. Rosemary, mint, and citronella are particularly effective against many pests.

The great thing about these plants is that they are easy to grow, you can actually grow them yourselves and have a continual supply. That’s a great way to beat the pests and save money!


You’ll hear people say that organic pest control solutions aren’t as powerful and, therefore, aren’t as good. It’s true that they are marketed as ‘low-impact,’ but this simply refers to their impact on the environment.

In fact, they can be just as effective as any chemical solution and are less intimidating, as well as less dangerous than a chemical solution.

Less Stress

Using organic pest control doesn’t just benefit your family; it should also benefit you. Dealing with pests and doing it in a way that doesn’t affect the health of your family is bound to reduce the stress you feel like you’re under every day.

As excess stress has been linked with a variety of long-term illnesses, it’s a good idea to reduce your stress levels, and taking care of pests organically is a good place to start.

Final Thoughts

You can deal with pests through traditional chemical-based methods. However, you have nothing to lose by trying organic pest control methods first, they do work!