Getting kids to be active when there is so much competition from sedentary forms of entertainment such as television, computers and video games can be challenging enough, but getting them to participate in family activities can be even more difficult as their definition of fun is not always the same as the parents. Soccer tables can be the solution for getting kids to be more active and also be a fun family activity that everyone can enjoy.

Foosball tables give the opportunity to participate in some friendly competition while polishing reaction times and hand-eye coordination on a larger scale and in more active positions than video games can give. The fact that you are up and moving around to operate all the handles on your side of the table guarantees that kids will be moving and burning calories. When parents play such games with their kids, not only are they spending quality time with them, they are also being more active themselves and gaining the benefits that soccer tables offer in fun competition.

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Studies show that when parents spend quality time with their kids every day such as engaged in a game of foosball, their kids do better in school, are better adjusted to handle the stress of everyday life and will be building a lasting relationship of trust that will serve them well in times of difficulty. Foosball table can be part of that quality time in any family and are available in many different styles and sizes to fit any budget and space.

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When shopping for soccer tables, be sure to look for one that will fit in the space that you have allowed for it to be in. There needs to be enough room for the table itself as well as room for the players to move around comfortably on their own sides without blocking traffic in and out of the room and not hitting elbows and shoulders on nearby furniture and walls. There are soccer tables that are designed to fit on top of a table and can either be played sitting down or standing around the table. This can be a good option where space is limited. Generally, these kinds of foosball tables are less expensive than freestanding ones making them more affordable to a wider range of families.

There are also some considerations to take into account in searching for a model that will best suit your family. There is the traditional one man goalie system that is the old standard, but now there is a choice of a three man goalie system where the goalie is mounted on the same rod as two defenders to the sides. Foosball tables with the three man goalie systems are easier to operate a fast-paced game and can be a better option for children and beginning players.

It’s important that foosball tables be level when playing, and finding a table with built-in levelers will avoid having to find things to stick under the legs to make the table level. Whatever level of play you are looking for, giving one to your family is sure to make for hours of great family entertainment.