By thinking about the right time for your move, you may grasp the opportunity to minimize the cost and spent resources. If you are in a rush and need to make decisions quickly, you will start acting right away without having a chance to ease the stress of moving.

However, if you plan and have some time to spare, Safe Recolacton is ready to give you some tips to consider before taking action. By choosing the right time for your move, you will ease the process and avoid unnecessary spendings.

It is not possible to reach the ideal, but it’s worth striving to it. To help you, we cover some useful topics about the proper time for the relocation:

  1. What are the benefits and downsides of different seasons?
  2. At the beginning or at the end of the month?
  3. Does the time of the day matter?

Summer or winter — you decide

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Basically, moving in winter will be cheaper and in summer — more comfortable. However, it also depends on the region you live in, so take our words as general logic and apply them to your circumstances. Now let’s take a closer look.

  • Summer.

Usually, summer is the hot season for moving and for apparent reasons. This time you have the best weather, even though a bit too warm, but still with much fewer natural obstacles for the move. Moreover, it’s a freer time of the year, when people get vacations and have recourses for relocation. Besides, it’s a period when youngsters prepare to move to their places of study and transfer their belongings from the parental home. Because of that, moving companies are in high demand and so raise their prices accordingly. It’s an obvious downside, but if you need to move your entire house and are worried about your belongings’ safety, it would be better to avoid additional concerns like unpredictable weather.

  • Winter.

On the other hand, the winter season is the cheapest time to move. Moving companies get much fewer orders and are keen to lower their prices. However, there is no doubt on the reason — the move is much harder to accomplish, while the temperature outside riches zero and the ground become slippery. Furthermore, it’s holiday time, when we gather our families and friends together in a warm home. Imagine, instead of a peaceful celebration, being dragged into the stressful moving process and having no settled house to rest in. That’s why the cheapest month is January, but you should think about whether you have enough emotional resources to accomplish the move in such conditions and if it is worth such troubles.

Looking closer at the chosen month

Apart from the actual move, you should also think about the new life you are starting. Have you changed your mailing address and subscriptions to a new place? Is your new home ready to take in all your belongings? Have you agreed with a new landlord or local authorities on the details of living? Hopefully, such questions will arise during the preparation and not while you are riding away from the old home. One of such worries concerns the time of the month, and by choosing correctly, you will take some weight off your shoulders.

A lease is connected to the price of the move. As most leases start at the beginning of the month, you can get the best price from a moving company by choosing to relocate in the middle of it. Besides, you’d better talk with your landlord, as you may get a reduction in cost or even several weeks to live for free in the new apartment if you decide to move mid-month.

Overall, get in touch with the chosen moving company and talk to the landlord about the differences in prices and possible sales.

The moving day

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The thing to consider is traffic. If you ride in the midday, you are prone to make your journey much longer than it otherwise could be. Except for the time, you also lose money on gas. To avoid unnecessary spendings, plan your trip for the early morning or evening past the rush-hour.

However, there is another detail to examine — loading requires time. Either you’ve ordered a moving company to collect your belongings or decided to take care of them yourself, the preparation may take a considerable amount of time. When the car is finally ready to move, you may be caught in the rush-hour you tried to avoid. Thus, leave some spare time in your plan for loading the trucks and be ready to change the arrangement according to circumstances.

Also, moving on weekends may seem a good idea, as the traffic is usually lower. Nevertheless, gas prices also tend to rise till the end of the week.

The last thing to remember — nothing can be perfect. Even after months of planning, some unexpected issues are bound to arise. So instead of trying to prepare for everything, better gather strength to face what comes. Here are some tips for preserving confidence and emotional stability:

  • Try to find some help.

Your family, friends, or even neighbors are great to keep you company and give a hand while packing the belongings or preparing the new home to take you in. Furthermore, they will boost your confidence and give you some time of rest from constant preparation.

  • Decide what things you would not need in your new life and let them go.

If you always wanted to minimize your garderobe, this is the right time to do it. Leave unnecessary things behind by giving part to the charity, for example.

  • Say goodbye to the neighborhood.

Through the years, we get attached to the places we see so often, so it’s best to part from them after a proper goodbye. Have a nice walk through your favorite spots and preserve the good memories they brought you.

All in all, moving will remain a stressful time of your life, but with proper planning, you will avoid the pain of missing essential steps.