In 2015, over 40,000 tenants were evicted from their homes by their landlords.

In 2016 nearly 43 million households in the US rented their homes.

We all desire to buy a home, but with the high mortgage rates in the market, you opt to rent. This comes with a few challenges when you are unable to pay your rent on time and you face eviction.

Losing a home is traumatic, embarrassing and challenging for anyone with limited financial resources. Not having rent money can cause serious distress. Thankfully, you have options.

Don’t panic, rather, follow these tips if you need help paying rent ASAP.

Teach a Skill For Money

We’re all good at something. It may be a sport, playing an instrument, foreign languages or whatever it is that you can teach someone for an extra dollar. With a more connected world online, you can teach that skill both online and offline classes.

Freelancing your skill would help you get some good money and you can allocate some for rent. To perfect your skill, practice it on a daily basis. This action could definitely be your long-term gig.

Talk to Your Landlord

If rent will be late, be courteous enough and approach your landlord a couple of days before the due date. You might be surprised that some landlords could be accommodating.

Negotiating on terms of payment during a financial crisis could help you modify your payment model for the period the contract is signed. If it’s a serious financial crisis, you should be transparent about the situation and how you intend to fix the situation.

Trade Your Skills for Rent

If rent is a bit too much, you can ask your landlord that you trade your painting skills, plumbing, electrician skills or any other fix it skills you may have for rent.

You can convince him that, rather than outsource the work to someone else, you work for reduced rent. As he modifies your lease payment terms negotiate for a labor discount.

Check Out Credit Card Deals

There a numerous credit card deals that are always emerging, so be on the lookout for the deals. Some cards require you to spend a certain amount during the first few months while others have annual fees. These cards will give you maximum benefits in return.

Recycle Trash

There are plenty of companies that buy empty cans or plastic bottles so, don’t throw away your trash yet. Take advantage and you can make an extra dollar for that. Different companies require different trash to recycle; others buy your trash to make gas or manure.

Get a Roomie When You Need Help Paying Rent ASAP

This is a good way to make rent when facing a financial challenge. Getting the right roommate is challenging, however, when there are two accounts paying the rent, the burden is definitely easy.

Add your roommate to your current lease, this creates a legally binding relationship with the landlord should there be any problems or in case someone wants to take advantage of your hospitality. Draw a roommate contract as it formalizes the boundaries, rights, and obligations of each roommate.

Before getting a roommate, check with the rules in your jurisdiction for full rent balances. Notify your landlord as well as this may be the way out to making rent.

Get Emergency Rental Assistance

There are many government and community organizations that set aside monies to help disadvantaged families who are not able to pay their rent in case of a job loss, illness, or disaster. You can also get help with food, clothing, and other needs. To qualify for this assistance you must provide proper documentation for your financial status, personal identification, and address.

Thrift Buying and Selling

Thrift shops are full of beautiful items. You can buy them and later resell them for profit. Look for unique stuff or antiques that your buyers will love. Sometimes, you may have some old stuff in your house that you could sell as well.

Pet Sitting

This is a perfect gig that could make you very good money. Pet owners are always looking for sitters who are friendly and willing to work for a couple of hours a day. There are online networks like Rover that also connect dog walkers and sitters with local dog owners.

Air BnB

There is a very high demand for shared space for rent. If there is a concert, sporting event or convention in your area, you can always list your home for Air BnB. This action will require you to offer top-notch hospitality to your guests.

Get a Loan

Sometimes, you may have to reach out to friends, family or even a bank loan. When desperate, you may make impulsive decisions which may be costly like paying back the loan. Nonetheless, taking a loan should be the last resort. Many payday loan borrowers revolve their loans which ends up in massive debts.

Do Surveys

Search for companies that pay you to take surveys. Some look for focus group participants to sample their new products and give reviews, sign up for that and you could make rent for the month.

Watch Online Videos and Get Paid

You will be required to watch movie previews, celebrity videos, the latest news, and get paid. You can earn a decent amount of money every month just watching online videos. You can decide to watch these videos every weekend or once a week to avoid being too much addicted to TV.

Make Paying Rent Easy

There are numerous ways of making money when you need help paying rent ASAP. When you rent a house you are obliged to learn about federal, state, and local housing regulations.

As a tenant, you have rights provided and landlords must abide by these laws without feigning ignorance.

Whenever hit by financial hardship, it’s okay to ask for help. It’s also important to cut down on your monthly expenses or non-essentials until your situation gets better.