Not everyone is fortunate enough to afford to live in big mansions or penthouses – but that doesn’t even mean that you’ll have to continue putting up with small living spaces. The real estate market consists of both expansive and affordable properties in Dubai. If you’re living in a compact studio or a one-bedroom apartment in Dubai and are looking to open up some space – all you have to do know is just know a few design tricks to make your small living space look bigger and feel bigger.

To help you achieve this goal, we have jotted down 3 simple design tricks you can easily implement:

1: Paint the magic

The color of paint you apply on your walls can either make your living space look airy or make it look even cozier, that’s the reason why it’s really important to choose the right paint colors.

If you’re looking for a clean and more streamlined look then consider choosing traditional neutral colors, such as white, cream, and light grey. These colors are not only soothing to see but also make the living space look brighter and expansive.

Dark colors are a big no-no as they absorb light and make the room look smaller so sticking to softer tones is the best way to make your small living space look bigger.

2: Don’t ignore natural lighting

Allowing natural lighting inside the room can play a great role in making your living space look larger. If your windows don’t allow much natural light, then you can consider adding some creative effects with the help of lighting fixtures.

Also replacing your windows with large floor to ceiling glass walls will bring in more natural light to your living space, plus will also save you on your electricity bills as you wouldn’t really need to switch on lights during the daytime.

3: Use multi-functional furniture

This is the most important of all tricks. Using the right paint colors and allowing natural sunlight to the living space will not make any difference if you have a lot of furniture or if your furniture is too big.

To open up some space, you should consider replacing your large furniture items with smaller ones or make use of multi-functional furniture. For example, if you have a sofa and a bookshelf placed inside your living space – you can consider buying a multifunctional sofa featuring a built-in shelf to store your book collection. This will not only free up space but will also give your living space a trendy feel.