Online tutoring services are essential for modern students to succeed in college. On the web you may find many features as a course for needed discipline, sample of essay online, tips for studying, e-books, and audiobooks.

In times of high technology, students might be overloaded with outside information. Therefore it is hard to find among many internet sources exactly what you need. Not to get lost we create this brief of nine best online tools for college students.

1. OpenCulture

Open Culture offers content that is useful both for your college projects and your self-development as well. This website delivers many different topics on world history, literature, writing tips and e-books, online courses, and movies.

Now one of the greatest benefits of Internet technology is that everyone has access to the information they need. The website listed here offers excellent help for all students who want to upgrade their knowledge and simplify the studying process.

2. CourseBuffet

This is a collection of courseware accessible from different websites. This search engine will lead you to subject knowledge. Save yourself from going from one source to another without an efficient result. Find easily what you need with online course catalog Course Buffet!

3. WriteMyEssayOnline

Write My Essay Online is a helpful tool for college students of any grade. Experienced writers on any discipline provide the highest quality samples on academic writings. Use examples from this service as sources of inspiration for your next assignments.

Experts from this website provide such features as editing, citing, and proficiently formatting college papers. You may read more feedbacks from customers on Write My Essay Online review page.

4. The Rapid E-learning Blog

Tom Kuhlmann created and based this blog on the Articulate learning platform. He shares useful hacks for students to simplify college life. The blog offers actual information on different education-related topics that will help you become the best college student.

Read the comments under each post, join the discussions, and take all valuable ideas for studying from this community.

5. StudyGuideZone

Even if the service is old-established, Study Guide Zone is still a great place for free test resources. Those students who are looking for a way to improve the scores on tests will use Study Guide Zone to study exams for GED, ACT, and SAT, among many other tests website offers.

Go for test preparation and pass the exams without effort!

6. Lynda

This website is useful for students who want to build their career path in advance. Whenever you need a useful source to understand the lectures of different subjects, Lynda is always ready for help. Everything you study here is displayed on your LinkedIn profile as passed courses.

Look for courses on Lynda, pass the tests on any discipline, and submit your skills directly on the LinkedIn platform. Lynda is the most efficient way to prove your knowledge for employers.

7. Coursera

Join one of the most valuable learning resources on the web. The main feature of Coursera is free courses provided by prestigious worldwide universities. Students can find classes almost on every discipline, including computer science, humanities, business, biology, mathematics, engineering, and more. This website is essential for all students who want to get new knowledge on a subject or find the information they will use for projects in college.

8. PurdueOWL

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab) is a free online tool to help students write their academic works with accurate formatting. This is the project of Purdue University that provides instructional material and writing resources. They are useful not only for first-year students but for undergraduates as well.

The best guidelines here are the APA, MLA, and Chicago for students to know how to cite and reference their academic papers properly.

9. ETS

ETS is a global leader for learners who want to become a teacher. The mission of this service is to advance quality and equity in education by providing fair and valid research, assessments, and related services. Products and services are commonly recognized as TOEFL, TOEIC, GRE, and other tests. They measure knowledge of those who want to prove their teaching skills.

ETS promote learning and performance and support education and professional development for all people worldwide.

Final Point

The era of the internet helps a modern student to manage even with the hardest college tasks. This compilation of best online service will help to prepare not only for their classes but for a profession as well.

Use your learning skills even more efficiently than ever!