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All it takes is one injury to throw your life off-track. What happens if you’re injured on the job? Follow these tips if you’re unable to work due to injury.

There were over 5,000 work-related injuries in 2018. If you have a work-related injury or any kind of injury, you could be out of commission for a while.

That’s why it’s important to figure out what happens if you’re unable to work due to injury. It’s important to figure out what happens if you’re injured on the job.

You may need to figure out workers comp and find a workers comp doctor.

If you’re unsure of what to do if you are injured on the job, check out these tips that can offer some guidance.

Figure Out Disability Insurance

Disability insurance protects yourself and the income you are getting when you are injured.

You should check with your employer to see if your work offers either short-term or long-term disability insurance. It’s income coming in when you can’t work due to illness or injury.

You can also consider family leave or sick leave if there isn’t any disability insurance.

File for Unemployment If You Absolutely Can’t Work

If you absolutely can’t work because of injury and that prevents you from bringing in an income, you have to figure out how to file for unemployment. The sooner you file for unemployment, the better because it can be processed and you start making money again.

If you do file for unemployment, you should have a doctor’s note that provides evidence of why you can’t work. If your employer can’t give you any work because of your injury, you have the option of filing for unemployment.

However, you will be denied unemployment if they believe you are not working hard enough to find a job.

If you only want to work for a specific job, the unemployment office may not give you benefits. They want you to try your hardest to find a job, and if you can’t, then you can receive benefits.

Apply for Social Security Benefits

Another option to consider if you are injured on the job is to pursue social security benefits.

The amount you receive will depend on how much you’ve earned. The more you have paid from your income, the more you will receive.

Overall, these tips can help you stay proactive and figure out the next steps if you are injured on the job. It helps you figure out a way to maintain an income.

If You’re Unable to Work Due to Injury, Figure Out How to Maintain Income

If you are unable to work due to injury, especially if it’s a work-related injury, you should be aware of what to do next. If you can figure out how to maintain income, especially if you can’t work, you can figure out how to pay for living expenses.

It’s important to be proactive if you are unable to work and earn a living.

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