tookapic (CC0), Pixabay

In the running era, a new type of working culture has developed that is work from home, thanks to Covid-19. In the work from home, an employee can work at home without going anywhere with the help of a laptop or computer that has an internet connection. Lately, another type of working culture is accelerating, which is remote working.

Remote working is a kind of work from home but there is a slight difference between Remote working and work from home. In remote working, the working environment is traditional but you can work from anywhere in the world with flexible time and in work from home you have to work by staying at home alone, this can be temporary but remote working is permanent and that is the main difference between the two.

In remote working, companies are facing a lot of challenges and the main challenge is to manage a remote team and its productivity and to overcome these challenges there are so many tools that are available in the market. Therefore some strategies are helpful for improving Remote Team’s Work Productivity.

Increase your productivity by playing Solitaire

Solitaire is just not a game; it is a bunch of skill sets. It magically works and trains your brain for faster decision-making and improves your memory power as well. Solitaire calms your mind that increases focus and concentration which in return increases your productivity.

It also creates competitiveness in you which helps you to stand ahead in any competition. As you know that for winning solitaire games you need to build a strategy or plan that helps you win. Similarly, in your chores, you need a strategy to help you complete your tasks or target before the deadline.

So that’s how solitaire helps you to build strategies that can smoothen your day. Playing solitaire reduces stress and anxiety and increases the quality of your sleep, which can help your mind to reboot. The next day you get up with a fresh mind and can work effectively. And there are tons of variations you can play such as FreeCell, Spider, Pyramid.

Provides tools and training

There are so many issues with remote working, the most common of them is efficiency and productivity. To resolve them you can provide digital tools and training to the team. There are lots of digital tools available in the market for communication, tracking, sharing, and other management tools.

These digital tools make the process go faster which helps in increasing the productivity of the remote team. Training is another factor that can make your remote team effective. You can provide short-term training in skill development and personality enhancement. You can also teach and explain how this tool or software works and how to use it properly. Training and digital tools are the best ways that help increase your remote team’s productivity and efficiency.

Inspire and motivate the team

The team is the backbone of the business which leads a company. It is an asset and resource for any business that helps to achieve its vision. To improve remote team’s work productivity or to achieve great results you should inspire and motivate the employees of your team and also encourage them on a daily basis.

Communicate with your team and share a vision with the set of goals that may be short-term, medium or even large terms goals. By giving your team support they feel safe and it builds trust between you and them. Therefore the Team makes extra efforts to achieve its goal and the expected results. So keep inspiring and motivating the employees on the daily basis.

Offer incentives and allowance

An incentive or allowance is a reward for the extra efforts of the employees which keeps them motivated and charged up for doing extra work in less time. You can provide your employee with travel incentives, wellness programs, gift cards, learning and development programs, employee recognition programs, and more.

So that they feel appreciated and encouraged and get ready to work hard. Offering incentives and allowances are the catalysts for productivity. They tie the employee with the reward mechanism and for this employees are ready to work harder. Hence to improve your Remote Team’s Work Productivity you must offer incentives and allowances so that they can give their best proving their worth.