Home security is essential regardless of where in the world you live, as even the most upper-class neighborhoods are not excluded from home-intrusion and attack statistics. So if you have recently closed the deal on your dream home or purchased your first starter home, these five essential security features should be on your priority list as a new homeowner.

A Reliable Home Security System

There are various home security systems on the market, and your options will range from DIY motion detector systems to CCTV systems and everything in between. However, because the seemingly endless options may seem overwhelming, you could consider a custom-built system from Vivint home security systems that will be tailor-made to your needs and the specific needs of your property. All homes are not made the same, so a custom-built system is often a great solution.

Window Security

All the windows of your home are potential entry points for intruders, which is why you should take measures to secure all your windows. You could consider polycarbonate panels as opposed to standard glass as this material offers windows that are nearly impossible to break. While they may not be bullet-proof, replacing your window panels with a more robust material can maximize home security. Alternatively, fitting your windows with burglar bars or french bars is a more affordable approach to securing your home’s windows. In addition to this, you should also be sure your windows all have thick curtains or blinds to enhance privacy, which is a component of home security.

Quality Locks

Changing all the locks on your new property’s doors is one of the first things you should do as a homeowner. Because the keys of your home have just passed through many hands, including the realtor and the previous owners, you should change the locks as a primary measure of safety. You should invest in quality locks for every door of your new home, including the interior doors.

Home Monitoring

Most top-class home security systems will include some form of home monitoring as an included feature. However, you should invest in the essential component if your chosen security system does not have CCTV cameras. Cameras should be placed strategically to cover all entry and exit points of your home.

Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Installing a few outdoor motion sensor lights is an essential security feature that will protect your home from intruders. Regular light won’t work effectively for security because motion sensor lights will pick up movement and switch on, deterring intruders as a result. These lights are inexpensive, so adding them to your home security budget is a great idea. It is best to install these security lights strategically to cover your whole yard and entry points to your home.

A Quality Safe

It is always best to keep valuables in a quality safe that is bolted to the floor and walls of your home. Regardless of all your other efforts to enhance security, you should keep your valuables locked away. Having a safe as an extra home security feature will also benefit the process of any insurance claims in the event of a home intrusion.