With the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test just around the corner, we can only imagine the stress that all of you must be going through. It is not only the most crucial exam for all aspiring doctors but also the first step toward your dream. No wonder that thousands of students attempt the exam every year, but only a few get through it successfully.

However, this doesn’t imply that others didn’t put in their best efforts to crack the exam. NEET exam or any other entrance test for that matter is not only about spending sleepless nights, buried under the books, and mugging the chapters.

How you approach your exam preparation and schedule your studies are equally important. Despite doing their utmost, some students end up making a few silly mistakes, thereby scoring low marks in the exam. Are you one of them? Well, we have listed 5 mistakes that students often make while preparing NEET 2020. Take a read:

Ignoring the importance of mock tests

We need not emphasize the importance of practice when it comes to exams. The more you attempt the mock tests, the more efficient you become. It not only makes you better at time management but also helps you identify your weaknesses and strengths all the while boosting your confidence.

However, most students find these tests burdensome and ultimately seek no advantage from them. Honestly, it is their laziness that should be blamed. There are many online platforms and websites that offer free mock tests to students daily. Make sure that you attempt them regularly and you will soon witness positive results.

Procrastinating your studies

Students and procrastination go a long way as most of them prefer postponing their exam preparation to the next day. By the time they finally start with their studies, exam dates are already hovering over their head.

If you are also guilty of this mistake, then it’s high time to change your attitude and start your revision now. Start thinking rationally and working smart. If you have any doubts or queries regarding tough chapters, ask your teachers now rather than leaving it to the eleventh hour.

Seeking help from too many resources

We know that cracking NEET is not a piece of cake and you can leave no stone unturned while preparing for it. However, you also need to understand that you have limited time, and you have to utilize it wisely.

You can’t refer to numerous books to practice as it will only increase your confusion and stress, but solutions by Vedantu NEET 2020 will help to crack your exams. Select one reference book along with your NCERT and stick to their questions and study material.

Focus on working on your concepts rather than buying more and more books which most probably you won’t even read. Invest your energy and efforts on one resource because it is your knowledge that will take you ahead.

Neglecting complicated chapters

Here is a tip for you – if you want to overcome a challenge, face it instead of avoiding it. The same goes true for your exam preparation too. Of course, there will be some topics and chapters that you find complicated. Do not neglect them, try your best to get a stronghold on them instead.

NEET is an important exam with neck to neck competition and you cannot afford to lose a single score. Get yourself registered to online courses that teach you via videos and images. Ask for help from your teachers and friends in case of any doubt but do not risk leaving any chapter incomplete.

Avoiding sleep

Last but certainly not least. Yes, it is NEET 2020 and getting through it can be a turning point in your life. There is a lot to study and you cannot waste even a single minute. Feeling anxious and nervous is quite natural.

However, you cannot compromise on your sleep and mental health for this. You must make sure that you sleep for 7-8 hours daily and take breaks between your revisions. Spare some ‘me’ time, talk to your friends and family members, refresh your mind and then come back to your studies. This will eliminate any chances of depression and you will memorize the chapters better.

Exams are not only about what you should do but also about what you must not do. We are sure that if you are committing any of these mistakes, you will work on them soon. Work hard, believe in yourself and you will get through everything. All the Best!