The world is going digital in a dangerously increasing speed. While the fact that you hold the world in your hands is quite impressive, you are now at a much greater risk of having your privacy violated and your security compromised.

A VPN or a Virtual Private Network encrypts the activity done on your browser between your internet service provider and your computer. Normally people don’t consider using VPNs at home or at work, but there are plenty of scenarios where using a VPN is the safest option.

A VPN hides your computer’s IP address from the websites you visit or the tabs you open and allows you to browse anonymously without putting yourself and your data at risk. Since VPN hides your online activity from possible snoops, it is especially useful for people who use public Wi-Fi connections or hotspot. There’s a long list of the best VPN providers to choose from with different specialties that come in all sorts of price ranges.

If you still need a little convincing, take a look at these 5 reasons why you absolutely need a VPN at home and work:

Hide Your IP Address and Location

With the help of a VPN, you can successfully hide the IP address of your computer from the websites you visit or the pages that pop up. This means that hackers, advertisers, snoops, and trackers won’t be able to track your activity back to your IP address, and you’ll remain hidden. There are many VPN services that never keep track of your logs or record any of your activity while you are using your browser. This prevents any information leak that could be traced back to you.

Here’s another fun advantage of using a VPN: Apart from keeping your IP address hidden, you can also switch the geolocation on your VPN server and make it seem like the internet traffic is coming from another country. Doing this allows you to change your location, which helps you bypass browsing restrictions based on your location. Bypassing a region’s location restriction lets you stream music or videos from streaming services that are accessible only in a few regions. You can also access banned or censored websites that are blocked by your country’s government or your internet service provider. Many a time you need to access banned websites for research purposes and VPNs make it very easy to go about it.

An Encrypted Traffic

Oftentimes you visit websites where a small notification bubble pop up appears that says “The connection is not encrypted”. What this actually means is that after visiting the website, any pages you open related to the site can be viewed by a third party (in case they have intercepted your internet connection) as the pages download. This happens in public or workspaces where a common internet service connection is shared.

Many websites tend to be encrypted. So even if the connection is intercepted, they won’t be able to see what conversation you are having. This is where a VPN comes in handy. A VPN makes all websites and its pages encrypted and nobody can view your activity or get any record of it.

Even when you are sitting in a public restaurant or café, using a common hotspot and browsing without a VPN could allow any person with a laptop to intercept and track your activities, but a VPN connects to the Wi-Fi through itself, so there is no way for anyone to know what you are searching for or to check in on your conversations. Your conversations and browsing activity isn’t the only thing at risk. Without a VPN, people could view all your emails, banking, and credit card information. The connection might slow down your internet speed, but it won’t compromise your privacy.

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Save Money on Flights and Online Shopping

Might seem a little weird at first, but a few online stores display different prices for the same products based on which region you are browsing from. The items can be anything from bags to shoes or even hotel rooms that you might want to book. The solution is a little time consuming but it surely gets your job done.

You can start off by getting a VPN and connecting it to your server. Then change the geolocation on your VPN and refresh the page. Scroll through all the items you need to buy and when you are done, change the geolocation again and repeat the process until you come across the lowest price. This method is most effective when trying to book hotel rooms or checking for accommodation in different cities.

Another trick is to get cheaper tickets. Airfare prices can differ depending upon which country you buy them from. All you need to do is keep the departure and destination locations the same but keep changing the country you view the ticket vendor’s website from. Might seem like a hassle but spending a little time and ending up saving a bunch of money is a pretty neat idea.

Gain Remote Access to Your Work Network

At the office, no matter what you are working on, whether it is a big secret project or you are planning a detailed group schedule with the help of a private work network that is secured by a VPN, you can expect that no hackers will be getting their hands on your data anytime soon.

You will need to create a secure VPN tunnel that will give you a secure and encrypted access to all your important files on your home network. Whether your files are on your cloud service or online and you feel a little suspicious, creating your remote network will allow you to easily get a secure access between your work and home network.

Improving Your Online Gaming Speeds

Whether you are entrapped in a high tech fantasy realm, fighting Nazis with your pals in a destroyed battleground or taking your opponent down in some high action packed face-to-face game, there is a high chance that your internet service provider might be controlling the data of your online gaming activity.

This might seem unfair to you, but internet service providers do this to regulate the speed and offer uniform streaming speeds to all of its users. Luckily there is a way to overcome this. You can get a VPN service to hide the fact that you are even playing online games.

This tip, though extremely effective, is quite tricky; you will have to make sure that the VPN server you are using is near you and is strong enough to handle the load of the online gaming data otherwise you are only going to face bandwidth and speed issues that will end up slowing your game server and the whole practice will be pointless.

A VPN is your and your device’s best friend. Not only does it prevent hackers from viewing your activity but also prevents any sort of security breaches or data leaks. Without a VPN one is always at risk.