Wedding Bells Ringing
Wedding Bells Ringing

Your wedding day is one of the biggest highlights of your life; it’s a time when you are surrounded by close family or friends. Or it could even be just your to-be husband right next to you the whole time. The point is that it’s a memorable day whose every moment is etched on our heart, especially the things you do and wear on that particular day.

Because it is such a memorable day, the ones getting married always try their best to make this day as perfect as possible. God knows how many years have they been planning this for! Even though it is such an important day for both the bride and the groom, it is usually the bride in particular who is found stressing on each and every detail of her wedding day.

There are so many hurdles to pass to make the wedding perfect – the venue, the catering services, the flowers, the bridesmaids, etc. In addition, you also have to deal with creating your unique and beautiful bridal look, which is what most people will have their attention glued on to. It takes so long to find that one special wedding dress after trying on millions of other ones for hours on end. You might think that’s the end but no – the other thing that really brings out the beauty of the wedding dress and you as well are the accessories you decorate yourself with.

Once you’ve passed the hurdle of getting the perfect wedding dress, it is time to find the right kind of jewelry for it. One of the great things about buying wedding jewelry is that you are not limited to wearing it only on the wedding day, unlike a wedding dress. So spending a good amount of money on jewelry for this occasion is totally worthwhile.

However, picking the right kind of jewelry for your special day is no easy task. It takes effort and good judgment to pick the right piece. If you aren’t sure where to begin this search, then you are in luck! Here we offer you some guidance and recommend you some of our jewelry choices that you’d love to wear on your wedding day.

Glamour from the Top

Over the years, a lot of diverse ideas have been produced when it comes to replacing the veil with other equally beautiful pieces.

Nowadays a lot of brides opt for exquisite hairstyles, decorated with beautiful headpieces to give off a beautiful finished hair look. Generally, you should choose your jewelry headpieces according to what you believe would really bring out the desired look you are hoping for. But if you are fine with a simple and warm look, you should look into the ones that are gold or have diamond embellishments. These pieces can even have small crystals or pearls embedded into the design for a more stunning appeal.

You can even wear hairpins or hair combs of shimmering Swarovski crystals, which can be crafted into the shapes of flowers such as roses. These, in particular, would look really elegant and graceful etched into a loose bun hairstyle. Halo jewelry headpieces have also grown very popular over time. These delicate pieces have been highly effective in accentuating the wedding hairstyles for many brides so far.

Plus, when these pearls and small diamonds or crystals, in hues of rose gold or ivory, are embedded in a halo design for the headpiece, it really brings out the glow of the entire bridal look, making you feel like a princess with its charming effect.

Have the Eyes on Your Back

As much as you carefully plan out the perfect look for your front appearance, the same kind of dedication should be given to how you look from the backside.

In order to give justice to your back appearance, whether your wedding dress is backless or not, we highly suggest that you get yourself a bridal back necklace. For the ones who do not have backless wedding dresses, they can use a back necklace line with large pieces of pearls for netted back prints or ivory-hued gowns in particular.

For those who are having a backless wedding dress, they should invest in small to slightly bigger pieces of crystals, starting from the neck to the lower back, lined by their colored choice of necklace. It enhances the beauty of your back and lets you show it off as you walk by and still have gazes follow you the whole time.

Decorate your Neckline

Your neckline has the most potential of amplifying the beauty of your wedding gown on this special day. Investing in quality neckpieces can be just the right amount of addition you need to look complete!

For those who do not have an open neckline, wearing a neckpiece isn’t necessary but optional. However, for the ones that do have an exposed neckline in their wedding dresses will have most of the attention drawn towards their neck — and that is exactly why a neck piece is one crucial piece for these kinds of dresses.

If you are aiming for a sleek and elegant look, we suggest that you invest in pearl necklaces to obtain your preferred style. It displays a really royal and classic touch to the whole bridal look. Even wearing pearl chokers have the ability to gracefully highlight your collarbones.

Style up Your Ears

Often pieced together with the necklaces, earrings elevate your entire look.

They are a great piece of investments that can be used for other purposes. Apart from looking absolutely glamorous on your wedding day, these small pairs of jewelry often leave the biggest impact, especially when you don’t have them on. And you end up having your ears looking bare and empty when you have your hair done in a messy updo or a bun.

In order to make your earnings stand out, you can experiment with mismatched earrings. They have a unique look to it, and you have the choice of which different kinds of earrings to put together to create your own special look. Make a statement appeal by having diamonds embedded in these pieces to keep shimmering throughout the event.

Depending on your style, you can also consider wearing pearl or diamond studs for a simpler yet elegant look. If you want more variety in the color, you can always opt for colored gemstones instead, which will equally look just as beautiful as the previous stud choices.

Add the Bangles

Bangles are specifically meant for wedding dresses that are sleeveless as they give the perfect opportunity to add an extra touch of glam to your bridal gown. We have found that offers wonderful jewelry pieces.

A simple and sleek bracelet on its own can speak volumes of refined style, but if you are more into the glitter kind, you can try wearing crystal-coated bangles that will give your wrists a stylish and highly attractive appeal.