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Getting enough exercise is essential for both your mental and physical health and is definitely something you should prioritize when thinking about your daily routine. Being active not only makes you feel better because of the release of endorphins, but it will also give you more confidence in your physical appearance since you will be getting fitter and fitter by the day. If you are interested in becoming more active but don’t know how to go about this, here are some great ways that you can make a start.

Try a Variety of Different Sports

In order to be more active, the first step is wanting to be more active and viewing it as something fun, not just a chore. The best way to do this is by finding the sport that you love. Some people have massively put off sports and the idea of exercising in general, a lot of which is due to feeling as though you weren’t one of the ‘sporty kids’ at school. However, there is a lot more to the sport than team sports – team sports are amazing for people who really want to get stuck into the game and have a competitive side to them, but this does not apply to everyone.

For those who want the joy and the endorphins from exercising but don’t want to be associated with a team, why not try running and swimming? Rather than having to please other people and work collaboratively, these sports are good for pushing yourself and reaching personal fitness goals.

Practice for Team Sports in Your Spare Time to Improve Technique 

Although the action of team sports takes place while you are with the rest of the team, you should definitely keep up your practice when you are by yourself as well as when you are in a group.  Baseball is a great sport which is enjoyed by so many people for a reason. It combines concentration, skill, and strength and is really satisfying once you work up to a level where you feel as though progress is being made. A great thing about baseball is that you can play it as a team sport, but nowadays there is technology out there that allows you to practice by yourself. Anytime Baseball Supply has a huge range of equipment you can buy to improve your baseball game, including a baseball pitching machine that has the ability to throw every type of pitch, so you will have a realistic and dynamic experience.

Find an Exercise Partner

Exercising can be a scary and intimidating thought if you aren’t someone who has grown up doing much sport or exercise. A great way to combat the nerves is by finding an exercise partner with who you can share the experience with. This is particularly good if you are doing a solo sport, such as running or going to the gym. For a lot of people, it is not the fitness side of things that they are most worried for – instead, it is the fear of being seen out in public, outside of their comfort zone. While this fear is definitely in your head and you won’t actually be thought of negatively for exercising, to combat this mental block why not bring a friend along?

Another reason why exercising with a friend can be really motivating is because it can hold you accountable and make sure that you actually follow through with and commit to your exercise routine. Being by yourself means there is nobody to hold you accountable so this does require an extra level of self-motivation, but if you are with someone else, you can track each other’s progress as well as your own.

Consider Both Indoor and Outdoor Workouts You Can Do 

One thing that stops many people from having a regular exercise routine is the weather. Going on a jog or a cycle in the sun is idyllic, but when it is raining, this isn’t so fun, so it can put you off doing it altogether. If you are being completely reliant on what the weather is doing, this may mean that you aren’t sticking to a regular routine and your schedule could be interrupted.

When planning your weekly exercise, always have a back-up option in case the weather is not as nice as expected. For example, you could do a HIIT (high-intensity interval training) workout or do some yoga as an alternative. This way, you can stick to a routine and won’t have to be limited by the outdoors.

Get Some Flattering Gym Clothing

A great way to motivate yourself to stick to exercising is by getting some fitness clothing that you feel great in. if you feel self-conscious in what you are wearing, this adds another reason for you to not do the exercise and want to stay at home. When you are at the beginning of your fitness journey and don’t feel like you have physically progressed yet, not feeling good in your body can be a massive knock. Certain outfits can really sculpt your appearance though, which will give you much more confidence, so if this is something you struggle with then it may be worth making the investment.

Also, if you spend a bit of money on workout clothing, you will be more likely to stick to your exercise routine, as you have invested in the equipment and items for it. Moreover, going for a good brand will not only mean that it looks more flattering but will also probably be of higher quality, so will last you for quite a lot longer, even if you are wearing it regularly.

Once you find the sport that you love, try to slowly but surely set yourself some goals – if you are part of a team sport, this could be a collaborative goal, such as winning a match, or if you are doing a solo sport such as running, this could be something like reaching a new distance or pace. Either way, you will feel amazing when you achieve it.