For those who write for pleasure or just as a way to release feelings, there is no pressure when inspiration seems to be gone. But when there is a deadline coming, or a grade depending on your writing, you can’t have the luxury of waiting until the inspiration for writing comes. In those cases, you need to go and find it wherever it is, otherwise, you won’t get your essay done on time. To help you with that drought, here we tell you some tips on how to find inspiration to write.

1. Go out and take a walk

You need those term papers done by this week, but you don’t know where to start? Take a walk! When we do any kind of exercise, we activate our bodies and brains and allow a better circulation of the blood, which also implies better oxygenation. An active body with a well-oxygenated brain is the perfect circumstance to come up with new ideas. Also, the simple fact of going out and getting in superficial contact with animals, other persons, and unexpected situations is quite enriching. Also, if you have the possibility to be in contact with nature and spend some time in isolation with just the trees, don’t hesitate and do it. It’s a chance to clear your mind and meditate a while, and, of course, you will definitely find inspiration for writing a story.

2. Read as much as you can

When it comes to finding writing inspiration, reading is always one of the first suggestions. Some might even recommend you to read an inspiration essay before starting your own essay! Reading is one of the best ways to get in deepness into someone else’s perspective and understand another vision of the world. To learn facts, read innovative ideas or face a profound analysis, these are great ways to get inspired because they are experiences that widen your own perspective of the world and allows you to look at things differently than usual. And a different vision of the same landscape is often enough to wake up inspiration and produce new ideas.

3. Find writing inspiration in your friends

Friends and acquaintances are a great source of inspiration for several reasons: first, their perspective of the world is different from yours, second, they have lived experiences that you haven’t, third, conversations are stimulating. If even after a great talk with your friends, inspiration refuses to come, you can choose to hire a writing service that does the hard work for you. On sites like, you can find several services, like free essay samples or research papers online. This is a great tool, especially when you have little time until the deadline or when you really know nothing about the topic.

4. Watch some TV!

This might seem contradictory, but when you look for tips on how to get inspired to write an essay, watching TV is one of the most frequent. This is recommended because, just like the internet, TV can be a window to the rest of the world, and as so it has countless triggers that can help start your own spark. You can choose to watch a TV show with great production and a complex script that will make you reflect about several subjects, or choose to watch a simpler show that will get your mind off worries and give you space to be creative.

5. Be disciplined

Just like Pablo Picasso said: ‘Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.’ So, it is not enough with having a great writing routine and practicing activities to stimulate your inspiration, you also have to be disciplined. Here’s are some tips on how to keep your discipline.

· Determine a writing routine and stick to it.

· Don’t procrastinate!!

· Set goals and try to always meet them.

· Have a writing space with all the tools you will need to write.

· In writing, hours, get rid of all distractions, like Social Media, smartphones, tablets, etc.

· Don’t postpone your writing to do something else.

6. Practice free writing

Freewriting is a not-so-new writing technique used frequently to find inspiration for creative writing and even to find ideas to start an academic text. It consists of start writing with no clear path, just writing whatever comes into your mind without stopping to read what you already wrote. You should set a time, 5 minutes, 15 minutes, whatever you prefer. After the time is done, the idea is to review everything you wrote and take ideas or arguments from there that can help you start the real test. It is effective if you are looking for an initial idea, but not so much if you get stuck halfway through the text.

All these recommendations can help you give that step you need to start your writing. But it is important that you remember that this is only half of the road. You need to be very organized with your time and tasks in order to invest in each essay the time and effort it needs.