Long trips… Doesn’t the sound of it, exude fun and frolic? Especially if it happens to be with your own family. These are the trips, which will one day fill your old age conversations. Instagram and Facebook will be replete with those images, and they would look fresh enough as if it happened the other day.

Long Trips With Kids

However, if the group happens to have kids, then you would surely need to find out genius ways to keep them entertained. Kids are a lovely lot, but they do have their personal issues cropping while on long trips. Hence, as parents or elders, one needs to be on their toes continually tending them, and their umpteen antics. Here are some innovative ways to keep your kids entertained throughout the journey while having fun yourself:

An iPhone Filled With Kids Stuff

Kids love the audiovisual medium. Anything that moves is colorful, sounds funny, and is of course animated; then it is a sure shot winner. Cover it with a scratch resistant screen and let it become your kid’s best friend for a part of the journey. But not for too long, though. Let the children also have fun looking out the window, but only after you have fastened it well to an iPhone holder.

Kids tend to check the resistant capability of anything and everything, and hence, it is advisable to be careful. In fact, every car driven by a family having a kid needs to have a car phone holder. Too many phones get destroyed because of the lack of a phone holder.

A Pair of Kid-Size Earphones

Plug your earphones to your mobile device and let it slowly take over and transport your child to a distant land. Earphones go a long way in engaging toddlers and keep them quiet and peaceful. The noise around while traveling also does get to them, making them cranky and irritated. The earphones, during these standoffs, becomes an essential weapon of choice.

The Travel Game

The travel game is ideal for older kids. They tend to get bored fast, and the seemingly infinitely long trip may become too much for them to handle. To engage them and make the most of the trip, hand them over a travel board game. Any board game can be suitable. As long it is a bit challenging and can force the children to focus, it should do the trick.

Books and Atlases

Books are a great way to acquire knowledge. They are always fun to have. Keeping a kid engaged by making them read is the best way to enhance the travel experience. Also, the entire premise of reading while on the go does have its own adrenaline rush.

Atlases are another fascinating object. If the trip is being done by road, then there is nothing like training your little one a thing or two about navigation. Atlases tend to enhance the entire sense of discovery to the next level. Show your kid the places the highway is touching and the surrounding geography and probably add some history to it to make it a fun filled experience.

A Doodle Pad

Give them a doodle pad and let their creativity flow. A doodle pad is just that, to let the crayons and the coloring pencils smash itself against the pad. One of the genius ways to uphold the doodle book is to place it atop a universal phone cradle for car.

It helps position the book, and then the child can doodle away to glory. Creativity and letting it loose is the best way to unwind. So let the child splash the doodle book with all the colors in his or her hands. A colorful trip would become even more colorful.

A Cozy Neck Pillow

Ever seen those cozy neck pillows which travelers wear around their necks while undertaking long trips? They indeed are a boon. There are neck pillows for children too, and they are infinitely more comfortable than the adult ones. Hence, on a long trip, never forget to pack one of these.

The neck pillows act in the same way a cellular holder works. These pillows encompass the neck to prevent it from getting sudden jerks. They also act as a support while the child falls asleep. Neck pillows are a current rage, and the market is replete with these cozy offerings.

An Interactive Tablet

Now, these are similar to the iPhone we did mention at the beginning of the article. However, with a much larger screen and greater resolution, these interactive tablets thrive on immersive technology to produce stunning imagery to engage the child in the best way possible.

Of course, if holding it becomes difficult, then one can always use the car phone holder clip or the car phone dash mount to position it for greater viewing. The interactive tablet is a winner when it comes to entertaining the kid.


Nothing beats food anywhere and every time. We as humans are at our hungriest when we travel, and a steady supply of food makes the entire trip enjoyable. Also, the lack of food can lead to a cranky child, and no one would want that.


Kids are nature’s gift to the world, but they do need to be nurtured all the time. If you can find out the ways to keep them not just busy but happily busy, it will not only keep them engage but also add value to their overall development. But first, do not forget that long trip. It is indeed much needed.