Global Poker Legality — Can US Residents Play?

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If you are looking for a social poker site to have fun on and possibly earn some extra cash, Global Poker could be a good choice for you.

This website uses a sweepstakes payout structure, which is a dual-currency system. That is how Global Poker manages to remain legal in the US and offer their services to American players.

Global Poker is operated by VGW GP Limited and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority. At the moment, this poker website is available only to players from the USA and Canada, but it should start operating all over the world soon.

Is Global Poker Really Legal in the United States?

A lot of players from the US are asking this question. We know that Global Poker is live in the US, but is it fully legal? Can you get into trouble for playing on this site?

The answer to this question is that Global Poker is completely legal in the US. Thanks to their sweepstakes business model, there is little chance that you will get into any type of trouble.

So far, Global Poker has successfully bypassed strict US gambling-related laws. However, it seems that many players are hesitant to make large deposits because they do not want to take chances in case the site experiences a crackdown.

How Does the Sweepstakes Model Work?

The sweepstakes model is a type of contest with quite a long tradition around the world. It has been successfully used in Ireland, the UK, Australia, the US, and many other countries.

Basically, the sweepstakes model means that you are technically not playing games on Global Poker with real money. When you deposit money in your account, you receive gold coins that serve as the official currency in games.

When you play a game and win, you are then rewarded with Sweeps for your loyalty to the website. After that, you can easily withdraw these Sweeps to your bank account or an eWallet account.

As you can see, this is a pretty complicated business model, but what matters is that it has worked decently so far.

Are There Any Downsides to Global Poker?

Even though Global Poker is one of the rare places where residents of the United States can play poker online, there are still some things to consider before registering and making a deposit.

According to this Global Poker review, the site has no player protection against financial losses and fraud in case it gets shut down.

Moreover, there is a very poor range of promotions, which is important to many players out there. Considering that their business model is playing games with the US law system, they should do a lot more to attract new customers.

Finally, we dislike the fact that there is no Live Chat feature available for contacting the customer support team. Live Chat is a no-brainer on most gambling-related websites nowadays, so this is a big minus for Global Poker.

Global Poker User Experience

Looking at numerous user comments that can be found online on Reddit and other discussion sites, we can conclude that the overall user experience regarding Global Poker is positive. However, there are some things that players are generally not very happy about.

For example, there is no way to keep track of your balance/winnings on the website. If you want to know how much money you have won and spent so far, you will have to do it manually in an Excel sheet or a third-party app.

However, the majority of players report that they have had no problems withdrawing funds from their accounts. Therefore, Global Poker is definitely not a scam. Yet, they could do more to keep their regulars around.

PayPal Removed from Global Poker

When Global Poker was launched in 2017, players could use PayPal to deposit and withdraw money from their accounts. That was very convenient for players in the US as many banks in the United States do not allow gambling-related transactions.

PayPal was removed from the list of available payment options in June 2018 without any announcements, which made a lot of people both confused and angry. It is not yet clear why that happened, but we can assume that PayPal was not happy about Global Poker’s business model.

At the moment, the only options players have for loading their accounts with funds is by using Visa, MasterCard, or Skrill. If you wish to make a withdrawal, you can use a bank account of your choice. However, the minimum amount you can withdraw is $50, which is higher than on many other poker websites.

What Games Can You Play?

A particularly good thing about Global Poker is the software and the range of games you can play. The software works smoothly and can be used both on your web browser and mobile devices.

The games on this website include fixed limit and no limit Texas Hold’em, pot limit Omaha, as well as no limit Crazy Pineapple. There is also a decent range of Sit & Go tournaments and multi-table tournaments you can enter for different buy-ins.

How Can Players from the US Register?

Another good thing about Global Poker is the registration process. The whole procedure is quite fast and simple — you can complete it in a matter of minutes. All you need to do is provide some basic personal information, and you’ll be good to go.

To register, you need to share your name, email address, street address, and your date of birth. The first time you choose to withdraw funds, you will be required to verify your account and provide more information.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from the info that we have collected and shared above, there are both good and bad things about Global Poker. Players from the US can consider it, but they should be cautious because of all the reasons we have mentioned in the text above.