The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has made our lives better. Yes, we are all going through hard and uncertain times but we mustn’t forget to look at the bright side. Remember those pre-pandemic days where you woke up early and made breakfast for everyone while looking like a hot mess? You’d get your kid/s ready, pack their lunch with almost edible food, pray the right books ended up in the correct bag then drop them off at school or the bus stop before you could even start your day.

We’re sure you do because tough times are hard to forget. Covid-19 has given parents a break from those dreadful mornings as everyone was forced to switch to online tutoring. That’s the bright side – Online Tutoring. Gradually everyone has started to enjoy online tutoring more than sitting in classrooms because of its advantages. It’s here to stay for years to come and here are 7 reasons why:


We live in a democratic country but do we actually have any power? That’s debatable. But in online tutoring, the real power is in YOUR hands and no one can snatch it. Online tutoring allows you to pick dates, times, and session lengths that fit your schedule. Your child also gets the option to take classes from anywhere as there are no classrooms. Online tutoring saves a lot of time which children usually spend commuting from home to school/

class and back. This means extra time for revision and allows you the freedom to pick a tutor from any geographical location.

Personalized learning

Online tutoring is one-to-one tutoring between your child and the tutor in a digital environment. As your child is the only one in the class, the tutor can personalize the lessons based on their aptitude and speed. They can spend more time on the child’s weaker areas and prepare tailored lessons to ensure overall growth. Personalized lessons will also give your child the confidence to ask questions and clarify doubts without the fear of being judged. And while the class is on, even you might consider jumping in and learning a thing or two.


If you like online shopping then you must try online tutoring. Online tutoring platforms are a place where you can shop for tutors. They offer a range of subject matter experts to choose from, the freedom to vet all the tutors, compare them, and choose the one that fits your needs. The broader choice also provides the option of working with multiple tutors who specialize in different subject areas. Websites like, worksheets for kindergarten, ask you a series of questions about your specific struggles before custom matching you with the tutor they feel best suits your needs!


In-person and classroom teaching can burn big holes in your pockets. Comparatively, online tutoring is pocket friendly as it makes quality teaching available at a lower fee. The prices are low as there is no additional cost of maintenance, infrastructure, or accommodation. All those savings can be spent on your hobbies!


One of the biggest advantages of online tutoring is that it is engaging and with advancements in technology learning can be made exciting. Even math can be fun. You read that right, MATH really can be fun! There is no need to learn from textbooks that were printed 10 years ago. Video lessons, animated interactive games can turn any topic interesting enough to promote engagement in children. At No Fuss Tutors, students and tutors share an audio-video whiteboard which is easy to use and offers infinite space to save workbooks.


One thing that constantly worries parents is the safety of their children. Will my child be safe at a tutor’s home? How will I know what happens in the classroom? What if the school hires a bad teacher like Cameron Diaz to teach my kid? These are some questions that haunt parents when their child is away. Online tutoring takes place in the comfort of your own home which means that you’ll be able to keep an eye on what’s going on.

Hard skills

Apart from learning what’s in the syllabus, your child also develops certain hard skills that are necessary for life. Since all the course material and worksheets are on the computer, your child will learn how to keep everything in order and develop organizational skills. They can later use this skill to organize their room and save you from trouble. It is also a great opportunity for them to practice their digital skills which will be useful when they are older.