Among the many sites that offer deals and coupons stands out

This site is simple, effective and constantly updating and it focuses on three areas: coupons, discounts and deals. Let’s take a look in depth at this site and check out some of their popular to unique deals, ranging from standard food and accessory products to Family Tree DNA Coupons.

Site Visuals and Navigation

The site is focused on getting you to take a coupon, or deal, or discount, whichever you prefer, and in my opinion they are all the same. When you enter the site you get a basic screen with logo, a coupon code category selector button and a search field in the top bar. Under the bar you get a grid of coupon deals and at the bottom of the home screen you get a basic info text and the usual lower bar subscription and other privacy policy and legal notices links.

What is not in the site, and this stands out like a sore thumb, is an “about us” section, only a contact us. So, unless you decide to do some digging in Google, you don’t know who stands behind this site which is OK when you consider that in most cases, there is some individual sitting at home, driving for Uber and managing a few platforms for extra income.

Back to the visuals. The visuals are fine, the graphics focused on getting you to look at coupons, and you click on any logo, or picture, or button that says “get deal”, “get code”, or “get…whatever it says” and that links you to the products category page.

The category page includes only coupons from that particular supplier, and it gives you a list of deals, coupon codes etc. in the right side, with a left side column that gives you some basic info about the supplier.

When you select a deal it also opens up the supplier’s web page too, so you get two sites, the couponsplusdeals page and the suppliers website to check out. If you do buy something, you will need to use the code you got on the couponsplusdeals site, which is copied onto your clipboard when you select a specific coupon code.

One interesting deal that stuck out was the Family Tree DNA deals that the site offers. Yup, you can now not only get discounts on sun glasses and protein shakes, but get a discount off finding your DNA heritage online through Family Tree DNA Coupons.

Conclusions is an easy to use site that gives you many options to choose from a variety of products and services. It is an easy to read, easy to use, and accessible site for multiple online purchasing options.