It’s a common scene in the strip malls, big-box stores, and mom-and-pop shops across America.  Imagine making your purchases, collecting your goods, collaring the kids, and counting your change as you mentally consider the next item on your to-do list for the day.  Entering the parking lot you fail to notice the broken slab of concrete, and soon a bruised toe and gravity conspire to cause you to fall and injure yourself in the parking lot.  Can you sue a store or property owner if you trip on the pavement and fall in the parking lot?


Annually, slip and fall injuries are regular occurrences, and businesses that invite the public to shop on their premises our assumed to ensure that they provide their customers with a safe environment in which to shop.

In the above-stated example, the broken slab of concrete represented a danger to pedestrians, and a reasonable expectation would be that the property owner should have fixed the problem prior to any injury.  If the store is found to be negligent in the matter, you may well be entitled to just compensation for any injuries that you may have sustained as a result of the fall.

If you fell in a parking lot, you should speak with a personal injury lawyer to make sure that you get the settlement you and your family need, and time can be of the essence in terms of filing a legal claim.

Dangerous Conditions Cause Preventable Accidents

There are many areas in and around retail operations that can cause a customer to injure themselves.  Inside, we are very well aware that frayed carpeting, slippery floors, spilled liquids, or dangerously stacked merchandise can cause any number of accident scenarios, it is also important to recognize that the walkways and parking lots of these businesses also pose a significant risk to the unwary consumer.

Typically unsafe conditions include:

  • Poor lighting and visibility
  • Cracks in cement and pavement
  • Operation of loading equipment like forklifts

If you or a loved one gets hurt owing to these or any other conditions, you may have a legal case.  Determining who is at fault and what level of culpability should be assigned is the job of a trained and experienced personal injury attorney.

Big-box chain stores, property management firms, and their legions of insurance agents waiting on speed dial to defend their clients against slip and fall cases, so you should consider enlisting the services of qualified legal representation to advocate on your behalf.

Every accident claim begins with an investigation, and a licensed, reputable personal injury attorney is well equipped to conduct any needed investigation as a part of the process designed to discover what parties are at fault.

Beyond the mere accident scene, your investigative team of personal injury lawyers should be well versed in tracking the money and ownership responsibilities of any guilty parties.  Interlocking companies that actively seek to subcontract their risk profile makes it difficult to track down the legally responsible party.

Small Accidents can Lead to Big Problems

While you might believe that a fall in a store parking lot will result in little more than a bruised knee and ego, and ideally that will prove the extent of any injuries, such a fall can also easily cause more serious damage like spinal cord injuries.  The result of a sudden impact, such as can result in a slip and fall accident, spinal cord injuries can be some of the most debilitating injuries you or loved one could experience.

Indeed, these injuries can lead to mounting medical and rehabilitation expenses at least, and possible paralysis and death at worst.  Securing your financial and medical future is crucial in the worst-case scenario.  Knowing whether you have a case means speaking with a qualified, Houston lawyer with extensive experience in personal injury lawsuits, and it’s always better to speak earlier rather than later.

In the immediate aftermath of a slip and fall accident in a Houston, Texas parking lot, you need to first and foremost keep your wits about you.  Look for witnesses and take pictures of the scene and mental notes of circumstances leading to the accident.

For instance, what time of day was it when you fell in the parking lot?  Was it dark?  Did the parking lot lights function properly?  Was the debris caused by negligent handling material?  Keep these thoughts in mind as you seek medical attention, so you can properly relay the events as you recall them happening when you speak with an attorney.

For slip and fall accidents in Houston, you should call our dedicated team of litigators at Terry Bryant Law Offices.  We work hard on your behalf to make sure that you do not have o suffer because of the negligence of another.  Let us help you get the compensation that you deserve in the aftermath of a catastrophic slip and fall accident in Houston.

The Law of Offices of Terry Bryant: Fighting for your Rights

If you fell in a parking lot and hurt yourself after shopping in a store as a result, you should first and foremost receive any medical attention for your injuries, and then you should reach out to us here at Terry Bryant Law Offices for expert legal representation in the greater Houston, Texas area.  In addition to a thriving law practice that has spanned decades, Terry Bryant served as a municipal judge for 22 years, which gives him a unique position of understanding how the court mechanisms work.

If you have hurt yourself in a slip and fall accident, you need the best possible representation to make certain that your rights are respected.  An injury might seem mild and unworthy of a trip to the doctor, but serious injuries like spinal cord injury for instance can present painfully after the fact, and you need to make sure that should that happen you have legal recourse to the financial recompense rightfully yours.