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No matter how safe a plant maybe, unfortunately, accidents happen. Plant accidents are as terrifying as they can be dangerous. Therefore, they can cause substantial damage to not only the facility but also the workers themselves. Nevertheless, if you were involved in a plant explosion, consulting with a qualified plant explosion lawyer can allow you to be compensated for your damages. With that in mind, let’s look at some of the most common causes of plant explosions.


One of the top causes of explosions is conflagrations. For those who are yet unfamiliar, a conflagration is described as a sudden ignition of combustible materials. While this can mean physical materials, this also applies to flammable particles that may be suspended in the air due to the methods of the processing being used. When these airborne particles go unnoticed, they can cause serious explosions, no matter if the facility has a dust removal system or not. Once these particles have been ignited, they cause massive fires that can spread rapidly. Moreover, while the conflagration, in and of itself, is enough to cause damage and injury, the subsequent fire typically builds up pressure until it causes a full explosion.

Defective Products

Another major cause of plant explosions is a defective product. For instance, if there is a product that involves the use of flammable materials, this is a potential cause of a plant explosion. In particular, if this product springs a leak or otherwise malfunctions, this can result in the release of these flammable materials, which may result in an explosion.

Ruptured Storage Tanks

Similarly, ruptured storage tanks can also be the cause of plant explosions. This is because many storage tanks in these plants are already holding flammable materials. Therefore, when the tank becomes ruptured, this means that the flammable materials will immediately be released. As we already discussed, it only takes a small number of particles and a single spark to cause a massive explosion.

Poor Maintenance

Another common cause of a plant explosion is poor facility maintenance. In other words, facilities that are not properly clean and well-maintained are much more likely to experience an explosion. For instance, if you work in a facility that does not clean floors, wipe down machines, and dispose of debris properly, you are at an increased risk of being involved in an explosion.

Improper Training

Also, plants that fail to properly train their employees are also at an increased risk of experiencing an explosion. Training employees properly is not only important for companies to save time and money and to ensure that all tasks are completed efficiently, but it is also important to avoid explosions and other accidents. If you are working at a plant in which you or others were not properly trained and this resulted in an explosion, this is the fault of the plant, not the workers.

Cigarette Smoking

Although it is clear that cigarettes have no place in areas in which flammable materials are located, these rules are often broken. Ideally, smoking of any kind would be banned from the entire premises, this is often not the case. In fact, many plants allow these rules to be bent, if not outright broken. This can result in a massive explosion which can cause injuries to everyone in the vicinity. If you have been involved in a plant explosion that was a result of cigarettes being smoked on the premise, this is the fault of the plant, no matter who lit the cigarette.

Using Impure Chemicals

Additionally, many plants cut corners by using chemicals that are impure. While this can be a great way for plants to save money, it can also be a cause of a major explosion. In general, all plants have a list of acceptable products and chemicals, as well as those which should be kept away at all costs. If you work at a company that may have blurred the lines in terms of the types of products they are using and the quality of them, this may result in an explosion. No matter who is using the chemicals when the explosion occurs, the company is at fault.

Looking for a Plant Explosion Lawyer?

If you have suffered as the result of a plant explosion, you may need legal assistance. By working with a plant explosion lawyer, you will have the added advantage of having your case handled by experts who are experienced in dealing with plant explosions and the laws associated with them. There is no need to settle for less than you deserve. If you have suffered damages that were caused by a plant explosion, we are here to help. Contact our team of experts here at Terry Bryant today. We have the passion and the experience to ensure that you receive no less than what you deserve.