Most homeowners find themselves lost when it comes to choosing the best windows for their homes. replacing windows forms an integral part of a home improvement project. If you’re confused about whether to opt for vinyl windows, wooden windows, or any other window style that will look best in your home, continue reading this blog post to know all there is to know.

Types of Windows

Before you can settle on any window style for your home, it would be best if you knew about the numerous types of windows.

  1. Fixed Windows
  2. Casement Windows:
  3. Tilt and Turn Windows
  4. Hung Windows (Single and Double Hung)
  5. Slider Tile Windows (Single and Double)
  6. Bay Windows
  7. Bow Windows
  8. Hoppers
  9. Custom shaped Windows

Fixed Windows

Fixed windows are the regular, permanently-fixed window types. They come in limited shapes and styles since they remain fixed mostly and are a little difficult to clean.

Casement Windows

Casement windows come with latches and bolts. They can be unlatched and opened either inwards or outwards. Casement windows have a traditional style and are good for proper ventilation options.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Most people get the purpose of tilt and turn windows wrong. Apart from the style they have to offer, mostly tilt and turn windows have been designed to help with their cleaning. Rarely would you see a homeowner keeping their Tilt and Turn windows tilted or turned the whole time. For people who prefer easy cleaning over all other features, this type of window fares the best.

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Slider Windows

Slider windows operate side to side usually. Single slider tilt windows have one fixed window pane and others which can be slid easily to the other side. These windows can be tilted inwards and outwards for cleaning purposes.

A double slider window has two panes, both sliding side by side, and can be tilted inward/outward for cleaning purposes. Double slider windows are usually more expensive than single sliding ones and have a higher installation cost.

Hopper Windows

Hopper windows are usually installed in places meant for ensuring ample sunlight and good ventilation. Many people get these small-sized windows installed in small spaces in the top left or right corners of their restrooms, warehouses, storage rooms inside homes, basements, attics, etc. Some may even get their regular sizes installed in the center of their rooms.

It all depends on the way a homeowner wants to obtain maximum utility out of this style.

Bay Windows

Bay windows are all about exhibiting a modern style while ensuring good sunlight and fresh air. Their style consists of the outward projection of the window space. They are called ‘bay windows’ because their style imitates the forming of a bay in a room.

This look is achieved by using a set of 4-5 windows of varied sizes with the largest window being placed in the center. These kinds of windows are usually installed in bedrooms and living rooms for amplifying the outside view while giving the residents a stylish ambiance of their rooms.

Bow Windows

Bow windows are similar to Bay windows in formation and modernity. The only difference lies in the angular specification and use of the same size windows throughout the frame. This gives the ‘bow’ look from outside the home.

Hung Windows

Hung windows are simple windows with more than one sash. Normally, single-hung windows have one fixed and one operable sash. The operable sash helps them in moving upward and downward while the fixed sash helps keep the other half of the window frame in place.

Double-hung windows, on the other hand, have two operable sashes for upward movement and two operable sashes for downward movement. Homeowners can choose to install single-hung or double-hung windows in whichever area of their home they want.

Generally, these windows are found in people’s kitchens and can be cleaned easily. Since these types of windows are known for the number of sashes their frames have, they are often priced accordingly. Single-hung windows have cheaper manufacturing and installation cost than double-hung ones.

Custom-Designed Windows

The last types of windows are custom-designed ones. These are windows homeowners can design themselves and then hire good windows and doors replacement company to get them manufactured and installed. The cost incurred and the style category these windows fall in along with the utility derived out of these models would totally depend on the specifications outlined by homeowners themselves.

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The Top 2 Window Frames

Most people love installing casement or slider windows. This is due to the ease of maintenance. While casement windows have a narrower shape, slider windows have wider openings.

When it comes down to ventilation, casement windows are the better option when compared to single slider windows. This is because, even though single slider windows are broader in area, they do not open completely for ventilation. Only half of them do, the rest half remains fixed. On the contrary, casement windows can be opened fully.

However, when casement windows are compared to double slider tilt windows, the latter is the better option. The double slider tilt windows both can slide sideways and be open when tilted. This makes them better than the narrower casement windows for ventilation purposes.

In terms of energy efficiency, casement windows are the better option. This is because since they have seals that are not flexible, they are able to insulate better than slider windows which have flexible seals.

When compared in terms of prices, it was revealed that casement windows are more expensive than slider windows. Whether you want a small installation or large-sized, all size options for casement windows cost more than slider windows. This is probably because the value of their structure and design entails in terms of security purposes too. Many homeowners who are safety conscious install casement windows as their priority option.

The slider windows are easier to clean and give off a modern look. The casement windows require a bit of effort when it comes down to clean them and give off a traditional look. So, the discussion boils down to one question: Which of these two is the better option? Let’s find out.

Our Recommendation

In our opinion, casement windows are better options for homeowners who are opting for home improvement. This is because they provide utility (the ventilation and sunlight), insulate better, and have stronger structures ensuring security. As for cleaning, one can always call help from professionals and get it done.

Some homeowners keep working on their home improvement activities every year; others do it bi-annually or maybe every 4-5 years. No matter how much time you take in renovating your home, investing in home improvement options always pays off if you take advice from experts on these matters. People who make decisions with guidance from professionals always end up happier than those who make decisions based on their whims. If you’re looking for reliable professionals, consult NorthSheild Windows and Doors Replacement Inc. before making a final decision.