The world generates an astonishing 2 billion tons of trash every year. If you look around most parks and streets, it probably doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that almost a third of this trash isn’t disposed of correctly.

While it may not be a surprise, it is still alarming.

Since we create so much trash, it is essential to clean up not only after ourselves, but others too.

Trash, rubbish, junk, litter, whatever you call it — pick it up! Cleaning up litter makes our environment look better, but if that’s not enough reason to pick up trash when you come across it, here are five more.

Save the Animals!

Our furry friends need us! The scaly ones too.

We may get to retire inside our homes at the end of the day, but the environment is their home.

When we pick up litter, we remove the physical hazard of the trash, as well as the potential toxins it could release into animals food and water. Animals could also confuse the trash for the food itself, or use it for nesting or building.

They may not know how to properly dispose of litter, but you do! So do wildlife a favor and pick up that trash!

Keep it Clean

Trash everywhere is a safety hazard to not only humans but nature as well!

For one, the presence of trash creates a physical hazard within itself. Sharp and bulky objects can be dangerous if not disposed of properly.

Two, trash on the ground can also get into the water, polluting our drinking supply.

Help Spread the Word

When people see you clean up, they may get inspired to do so, as well!

Not only will you get more people on board with the whole picking up trash and saving the planet thing, but you’ll help create a sense of community.

Here’s your pat on the back, good job!

It Costs Money to NOT Pick Up Trash

It costs a lot of money to clean and maintain environments. Public and private funds are spent to basically pick up after us.

If we were all just a little more conscious of our littering and clean-up habits, less money would need to be invested. There are much better things our tax dollars could be spent on for our environment instead of picking up empty cans!

If you don’t take the time to pick up, trash removal services such as will do it for you.

The Future of Our Planet

If the previous four reasons weren’t enough, here is a great one.

You know, the future of our planet and human existence!

The overabundance of trash is literally killing our plants and animals. It takes no time to pick up your rubbish, but it takes time away from living things to leave it there.

Pick Up Trash, Reap the Benefits

There are numerous benefits of doing away with litter, and all you have to do to reap them is pick up trash.

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