The world of data is ruled by memory, in other words, if it doesn’t exist it didn’t happen. That’s a fact of life. Consider that our history is written by words. Without the written word we can only surmise what might have been, make conjectures and suppositions, but we cannot create truth without facts, and facts are only what has been recorded in writing or in graphics such as photos and video.

Since the storing of data is crucial for our life and livelihood, we need to make sure we always have a backup of any data we decide to keep. Photos, documents, calendars, videos, you name the data set, it needs to be saved, stored and preferably backed up. In other words, make a copy and store it in a separate location.

Most mobile operating systems come with various options for backup and storage, where cloud Is the most popular. However, if you own a PC, or another mobile device, or a memory stick, you might want to keep a physical copy by your side at all times. Also, when changing mobile devices, you might want to transfer all your data to the new one. This might be simple if you have both, but if you don’t, you will need to rely on your backup source, if you have one.

There are a number of data transfer apps on the internet to choose from, and one of these that sticks out is MobiMover 4.0 from EaseUS.

EaseUS is an Apple iOS data transfer program that comes as a much easier to manipulate model than the clumsy Apple iTunes, and yes, I claim iTunes is clumsy because it is. What EaseUS does is reduce the autocracy of data transfer to a plain technical issue without all the Apple ID verifications in the middle.

So, how simple is MobiMover 4.0? Let’s take a look:

Step 1: Download and Install

Go to their website, here is the link:

Choose between the Win download and the Mac download version. You can download the basic version for free, or pay for the pro version which gives you unlimited upgrades and a 24/7 service.

The Win version is 54.5 MB in size, and when you press the blue Win version button, it opens the download dialog box.

After it has downloaded, just click on the exe file to operate it and follow the instructions.

The installation asks you to choose your installation language, the directory where the package will be stored, and after installation will ask to download an Apple driver. The actual download and installation process with the driver can take a few minutes and is dependent on your internet speed.


Once the program has been fully installed its time to activate the system, and you do so by clicking on the desktop icon and selecting the data transfer option.

In the screen you see the option of choosing from which location you want to transfer from, pick the option that you require and then you get the following screen:

Choose Your Files

In this screen, you choose the types of files you want to transfer and more, and you can then choose the files you want or select whole directories. After selecting the files, you press start and get this screen:

On this screen, you can follow the transfer process, and the speed is dependent on the number of files you have chosen.

File Types Supported

Audio files include all Music, Voice Memo, Ringtones, Audiobooks, and Playlist files.
Images include all Camera Roll, Photo Library, Photo Video, and Photo Stream options.
Videos include all Movies, TV Show, and Music Videos
Other files include all your Contacts, Messages, Note, Books, Voice Mail, and Safari Bookmarks.

Additional Features

Apart from transferring data between devices, the Pro version lets you edit and manage the data on all devices, and you also get a video downloader that transcodes iPhone videos automatically, and if you download from an online source, it recognizes and works with over a 1,000 sources.


This third party app for transferring data between devices for iOS is a perfect solution for those of you that are frustrated with iTunes, and the need to set up a device each time. The EaseUS approach lets you manage any number of devices, and you can transfer with ease.