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Let’s dispel some myths and explore the real benefits of an air fryer over traditional cooking methods that rely on heavy oils and grease.

Even if you hate cooking, you’ve probably heard the chat around air fryers. Maybe your friends have been raving about the health benefits of an air fryer, or perhaps you’ve seen the stories on social media? Have you been wondering what the hype is about? Are there health benefits of owning an air fryer? Does cooking with an air fryer produce the same flavors that you love from traditional cooking methods?

We’ve done the research, and we think you’ll be surprised at the outcome. Read on to find out the truth about air fryers.


Are They Healthy?

First things first, let’s dismiss the notion that anything you air fry will be 100% healthy. One of the most over-hyped benefits of an air fryer is that it is a healthy way to cook. Air-fried food can still be unhealthy if you overindulge. But compared to regular fried foods to air-fried foods are more beneficial.

Okay, say you have a piece of fried chicken, whether it’s fried or air-fried, it is still fried food. However, cooking with an air fryer produces the same crispy texture without using lots of oil – so that’s the good news.

How do They Work?

Let’s begin with how air fryers work; most people get the concept but don’t understand how an air fryer actually produces fried foods.

We’re all familiar with deep-frying, yes? You take a vat of boiling oil, submerge your food in it, this, in turn, cooks your food but while doing that takes in a high percentage of the fat into your dinner. Because the air fryer has a superheated chamber and air circulates at a very high speed, an air fryer will only use a small amount of oil.

The method means you replace boiling oil with a combination of circulated, super-hot droplets of oil and air to create the crispiness that we love. This innovative method is the key to an air fryer’s success – it’s not magic, it’s science.

Air Fryers Promote Weight Loss

The key to weight loss is changing the food we eat. There’s no secret in the fact that if you overeat, you will get fat. A switch from deep-fried foods to air-fried foods can help cut and regulate your oil intake and promote healthy choices.

It’s all about quality, not quantity, cut down on greasy, unhealthy foods and you will immediately feel better, lighter, and an added benefit of cutting down on deep-fried foods is a lower risk of heart disease – that’ a win, win right there!

Air Fryers are Safer than Conventional Methods

One of the benefits of an air fryer is that the cooking method is safe. Since the cooking receptacle of an air fryer is closed and secured, you can never come into contact with heat as your food cooks.

How many times have we heard about a fire in the home from using traditional frying methods? Think about it; large amounts of oil heated to extremely high temperatures left on the stove. Spitting oil is a burn risk and open fat fryers can result in a dangerous grease fire if it gets out of control.

There’s little doubt buying an air fryer removes the risk of burns and fires because of the little cooking oil used.

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They are Cleaner

The worst part about any style of cooking is the cleanup after. Even worse than a sink full of pots and pans is cleaning up old cooking oil. Ask anyone who has had to clean out a deep fat fryer how large of a job that is, it’s enough to put anyone off their food.

Cooking with an air fryer means you can cook your food and never have to worry about what you’re going to do with all that grease because there isn’t any. Happy Days!

They’re Convenient but Most of all, Fast!

On top of requiring far less clean-up than traditional deep frying, one of the great benefits of an air fryer is the speed and convenience of its cooking. Cooking with an air fryer heats all sides evenly at the same time, so no standing over the pot. Seal it in the air fryer and leave it alone.

Cook times are often less than those of regular frying or baking and let’s face it when we want to eat; we want to eat!

Pros and Cons

We’ve addressed the pros, so now the cons of air fryers – with so many apparent benefits of an air fryer, why aren’t more people using them?

One reason is air frying is still a relatively new phenomenon in the world of cooking. People are still deciding whether it’s worth buying an air fryer or not. More importantly, there are a couple of cons that need to be addressed. The two most significant negatives are that air fryers are countertop items that take up limited space, and they can only cook small quantities of food at one time.

If you can deal with those two negatives, the positives most certainly outweigh the negatives, that’s just our opinion.

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