Hemp seed oil is known to be the lesser-known cousin of CBD oil, which also brings its own set of health benefits. It may be less discussed, but the manufacturing methods are also very different in the case of hemp seed oil.

The oil is derived explicitly from hemp seeds, which is the reason why people confuse it with CBD oil. CBD oil is a popular product in the market, all thanks to its unique benefits. However, hemp oil is known to carry several benefits as well because if containing a significant amount of fatty acids and good fats along with many nutrients. Hemp oil could be used for enhancing the skin, brain, and heart health. Hemp seed oil is something you may want to add to your diet.

The extraction of CBD oil requires a lot of complicated processes, which involve various solvents and machines. The process is notably different from hemp oil extraction. Let’s look at some of the common ways it is extracted in this article.

The Traditional Method of Extraction

All kinds of seed oils are extracted using an oilseed press machine, and the process isn’t different for hemp seeds. The oilseed press machine is sturdy and trusty if used for industrial and edible oils. Seed press machines come in two different types – a reducing screw design and a traditional screw press.

There will be a lot of variables when you look at the specific pressing of various kinds of seeds, but the concept is more or less the same. You will have to keep the raw seeds inside the seed hopper. The expeller screw will be crushing the seeds once you are done with the first step. After that, oils will be run through canals to separate the pulp from the oil.

The oil derived from the process is known to be raw, pure, and unprocessed. The traditional method of extraction is known to be the most basic kind available for seeds. The technique is used for all types of seeds, which also includes nuts. Oils derived from sesame seeds, peanuts, and hemp seeds are extracted using this technique.

Extracting Seed Oils Is Complex

The traditional method does seem simple, but it is surprisingly very complex. Many variables come into play in seed pressing, which would ultimately decide if a batch of oil is good or bad.

For example, when it comes to seed moisture, if the seeds are stored incorrectly, then the moisture level would be higher than usual. It will ultimately not be pressed well. When there is more moisture than it’s supposed to be, it ends up tying the oil inside the seeds. If the moisture level too low, it will cause other kinds of problems.

It will require increasing the pressing temperature, which would reduce oil production. The temperature might also go above the limit for “cold-pressed” oils. Storage may seem like a simple thing, but even it could create so many problems if not done in the right way.

As you can see, each and every part of the process is exceptionally crucial, and special attention needs to be given to get things done in the right fashion.

Seed quality would also be another aspect that plays a massive role in determining the quality of the oil. The quality of the oil would be different for non-ripe seeds. The smell would be different when ripe seeds are used. If seeds are improperly stored or moldy, it will also affect the quality of the oil.

The actual operation is also quite essential, mainly because the settings of the machine will have an impact on the pressing temperature and pressing method. An operator must be able to manipulate the distance between the screw end and the press head along with several other tasks. Because of this reason, it is crucial to have an experienced operator for seed press machines in order to produce quality hemp oil products.

Cold-Pressed Oil – Meaning

People prefer “cold-pressed” oils over other variants because it contains more of the benefits and characteristics of the seed, even though the quantity of the oil produced is usually lesser.

Cold pressing also results in lower phosphorus levels, which is the reason behind the “grassy” or “green” flavors some oils tend to have. If you dislike this aspect in oils, you may want to give cold-pressed oils a shot.

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There are specific distinctive characteristics that are known to affect the quality of CBD oil. Most of the extraction methods will need heating as well as pressurizing chemicals to temperatures that are supposed to be supercritical. If you are looking for an oil that will be able to keep the majority of the original characteristics of the plant, you should go with cold-pressed oils.


Extracting hemp oil can be a challenge, even though it looks very simple. However, you can try making it at home using a hand crank oil press. If you think that’s a lot of work, you can trust professionals to do it for you.