Rent Cheap Apartment
Rent Cheap Apartment

Rents have risen dramatically in every part of the world. With more and more people moving to the cities but under-built, housing is now scarce. Especially smaller apartments in a good location, which are also suitable for singles, go away like hot cakes.

But even if the pavement is expensive and long queues form during apartment tours, you can even find a cheap apartment. But there are countries where renting an apartment is quite low.

Make Compromises

Top location, 100 square meters, renovated old buildings, large bathroom, large kitchen and all for a bargain price. That will be difficult. Think about what is more valuable to you: good transport connections or the extra room.

If it necessarily has to be the balcony, you may want to do without a bathtub or kitchen. Many tenants also fail because of their exaggerated expectations: because every amenity the new apartment should offer inevitably leads to a higher rental price.

Prepared for the visit

Before doing so, think about the criteria the broker will use. It is by no means always only about the salary. It’s very annoying if a prospective customer does not appear for the inspection of the apartment. Later on, they won’t have a chance on the rental contract.

And even with the application folder, you should not exaggerate it. Less is more. Nevertheless, you should have the important documents ready. Anyone who does not have a generous income, like trainees or students, should have someone to vouch for him. Because as soon as the rent devours more than half of the salary, the risk increases for the landlord.

Discover neighborhoods that are only on the rise

Find out about the housing market: Sometimes even the margins between individual streets are enormous. So, you can often find only two streets away, but still something cheap in your favorite neighborhood. Almost every city has neighborhoods that are close to the city center but are not yet expensive.

Pull to the outskirts

The housing shortage is a completely metropolitan phenomenon, on the flat land and even in the outskirts of the area looks completely different. It often does not take long to get to work from the outskirts of the city by suburban trains.

If you like it a bit quieter and greener, then the outskirts of the city are a good – and above all inexpensive – alternative. And despite the quiet location, the city is always just a stone’s throw away.

Word of mouth Propaganda

When looking for an apartment, there is only one tip: talk, talk and talk again. You have to tell God and the world that you are looking for an apartment. Studies would show that most of the apartments are not fed into the housing market at all, but go away by hand.

Someone knows someone who knows someone … If you’re new to the city, maybe the bulletin board at the university or in the community center helps.

Offer your old apartment for exchange

That too is an option: home exchange. Deficiency economy is known to be inventive. Many city dwellers only want to part with their old apartment when they have found something new.

Many apartment seekers do not even move to the city, but only want a larger or smaller or different apartment. A home exchange is ideal here. Because maybe someone else is looking for exactly what you have to offer.

Rent storage space

If the apartment is too small and the basement is missing, there are now remedies in many cities. Often, from a storage area of one square meter, it is possible to rent additional storage space – for a shorter period of time or permanently. Unlike traditional warehouses, “self-storage” often comes around the clock with its seven items.

However, the waiting times would sometimes be several years. No option for now so, but the next apartment search is determined.