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The craze for Instagram is real because no matter where you look, people are using Instagram either to watch the stories or posts by the ever-famous influencers and bloggers. However, if you are on the other end with a huge following, there are high chances that people unfollow you at some point. The users aren’t able to find the person because who can remember thousands of names, right? However, the numbers of followers will clearly tell if someone has left the bandwagon.

Instagram has a rule that hides information about the people who choose to unfollow you but some people don’t like it and want to know who is following them and who is not. You should Buy Real Instagram Followers, this is because people want to have a complete check on how many people are coming to the platform and who isn’t. So, if you want to know who unfollowed you on Instagram, we have everything that will help you reveal the person!

The Manual Method

This can be obvious but if you want to go the manual way, you need to check the account of each person of the follower list manually. In addition, you will need to check the follower who unfollowed directly as well. To check the unfollower, stick to the following steps;

  • Open the user’s profile on the Instagram app
  • Click on the following button at the top of the profile
  • You will be able to see who he/she is following
  • If you cannot see your page in the list but remember him/her as a follower, they have unfollowed you

This method isn’t convenient at all because keeping a track of followers and unfollowers like this is pretty tedious. However, if you remember some followers from the heart and want to check their following status, this is the optimal choice!

Using the Third-party Apps

As we have already mentioned that the manual way isn’t feasible for everyone, using third-party apps can be the optimal choice. Using third-party apps can be effective because the number of apps allowing such features is increasing. The number of such apps is spiking but we are talking about one app that has shown effective results. The name of the app is FollowMeter.

This app is available for Android as well as iPhone users which speak about its authenticity. The best thing about this app is that it can work without buying any premium features and you will be able to track your followers and unfollowers through this app.

If you want to use this app, you need to allow access of the app to your Instagram account and that also requires being logged in. Once the app is connected with your Instagram profile, you will be able to track the unfollowers by tracking the account metrics. The new followers can be tracked as well. To gain additional insights, choose the dashboard option entry where you can see the list of users. Click on the “unfollowers” and you will see the name that have unfollowed you!