Hiring new employees is always a tricky operation as they are a significant investment that can make a massive impact, either positively or negatively. So, it is essential to make these decisions well and to take steps to get the correct people in place. There are also a few practical considerations that you must ensure you are set up for before the new people walk through the door for the first time. Here are five essential tips to keep in mind when hiring new employees.

Be Clear in the Job Advert

It’s crucial for both you and any potential candidates that you are as clear as possible when placing the advert. If not, then it can lead to a lot of wasted time on both ends. Things to be included should be an accurate list of qualifications needed, and grades required; also experience, including the number of years in any role. By utilizing this method, you will find the task of compiling a shortlist much easier.

Use Your Network

Given the issues surrounding advertising for staff, it can be helpful to explore other avenues of finding people. Since you are in a position to be hiring people, you will have a reasonable level of industry experience, and this means you will have an extensive network of contacts. You should use this knowledge to find out if anyone they can recommend is available?

Uniforms & PPE

If you are in the category of an employer who will be requiring staff to wear uniforms, then you need to be set up for this on day one of a new worker starting. It may be best to get their clothing sizes when they apply or during the interview at the latest. Many places can offer branded work clothing, but it is essential to consider more than just price when choosing your supplier. In some professions, you will need specialist clothing, such as construction work shirts that are tough enough for the job at hand.

Check Your Insurance

It’s essential to have adequate employers insurance in place to cover any instances where an employee makes a successful claim against your company. But one aspect of this that is easily overlooked is the number of employees that your policy covers, so if you hire more employees and this takes you over the number of staff you are insured for, then it could invalidate your entire policy.

Have a Structured Training Schedule

After following the advice so far in this tutorial, you will hopefully have found the staff that is right for you and suitably experienced. But, no matter how experienced and talented your new people are, you will need a structured training scheme to get them up to speed with your procedures and ways of doing business. You should ensure this takes the form of a course with assessable outcomes so that you can be sure everyone has completed it, and this can go on their employee record. If necessary, you can also have refresher courses that all employees must complete every year.