If you work in the IT industry, or you’ve been researching development projects, you probably know that Python is a popular programming language. There are a variety of development benefits you’ll get when you hire Python programmer. That’s because the Python programming language is both a general purpose and a high-level language.

As one of the top languages in the industry, Python can be used for a variety of development projects. Let’s take a closer look at the cost for a Python programmer and why you should prefer Python over other languages for your next software development project.

The Benefits of Using the Python Programming Language

There are a variety of reasons Python is so popular. From freeing up your time to focus on core functionality to its variety of uses in desktop, website, and web applications, Python is one of the great skill sets developers should have. Here are some other reasons you should think about learning the language to have Python technology skills on a resume or hire someone with a technical background in Python.

Python delivers a readable and maintainable code.

When creating software applications, it’s important that developers focus on delivering high-quality source code. The great thing about Python is that it simplifies the process of maintenance and updates. That’s because of its ability to emphasize code readability. Python has a clean code base that does not require additional writing to express concepts. Once the code is written using the Python language, you can maintain and update the software with very little effort.

Python is compatible with most major platforms and systems.

Another great feature of Python is that it supports many major platforms and operating systems. Because it is an interpreted programming language, the same code can be run on multiple platforms without the need for rewriting.

Python is an open source language.

The fact that Python is an open source language will save money on development costs. This is great for those looking to hire a Python programmer because the cost for a Python programmer is already higher than other remote programmer salaries. Because of its open source, projects using Python have access to a variety of frameworks and development tools.

How Much Does a Python Programmer Make?

The average salary for any developer varies depending on where to hire developers because the cost changes significantly from location to location. But, on average, you can expect that the salary Python programmer will be higher than other software developers. In the United States, for example, the entry-level software engineer with Python skills will average $85,000 per year. For a programmer with the same skills across the world in Ukraine, for example, the average yearly salary is $26,000.

To create a clear understanding of how Python rates compared to other software development salaries, we’ll use the United States as an example. The Python programmer salary in the United States at entry-level, as mentioned above, is $85,000. This is $15,000 higher than the average software developer salary, which is only $70,000. The Python salary is higher because of its increased demand as a programming language. Not only do employers look for software developers with Python skills, but many businesses looking to hire a developer for their next project are also looking for developers with Python skills. As the demand increases and the tech talent pool can’t keep up, salaries continue to rise.

What Can Be Done with Python?

Now that we know the benefits of using Python and the average salary, you’re probably wondering what can be done with Python. There are a lot of possibilities with the popular programming language. When it comes to web development, Python allows you to build cool websites from scratch without the need for extra work.

When it comes to scientific and numeric computing, Python allows you to edit and recode a work session. Since data analytics falls under this category, Python works within data science to deliver a data analysis library.

A huge benefit of experienced Python programmers is that they know how to use Python for Machine Learning, Big Data, and automation. Since the world of technology is always evolving, it’s important to keep up with the latest and greatest trends if you want your business to be able to compete with other industry players. From spam detection to stock prediction, Python can deliver some pretty cool stuff when it comes to Machine Learning.

One of the coolest ways Python can be used is with robotics. Python codes can be used to help the robotic brain function, giving it the ability to perform multiple actions. This is a huge benefit for Python programmers as we head into the future with an increased focus on robotic technology.

The Future of the Python Language

Believe it or not, the rise of Python has been slow but steady. While it’s been one of the top 10 programming languages for years, it only recently made its way to the top 3. That’s likely because of the recent trends in Artificial Intelligence. Python is an extremely useful language for things like AI and machine learning because it has a wide variety of libraries available. Since you can use Python for a variety of ways in development, the language allows you to do a lot more overall as a developer.

When it comes to the future of Python, it truly is a must-have as we continue through 2019 and head into the next few years. Having surpassed other dominant programming languages like C, C++, and Java, Python will continue to be used worldwide in the upcoming years. Its object-oriented, high-level, multi-model attributes and ability to deliver dynamic features are certain to secure the future of this popular programming language.

Python is not going anywhere. Not only is it in high demand, but some of the most popular companies, applications, and websites are also currently using the language today. Google, Facebook, NASA, IB, and Walt Disney are some examples of popular companies using Python. Websites like Dropbox, Instagram, and YouTube are based on the programming language. So clearly, the future for Python developers is bright.

If you work in the IT industry, there’s no doubt that you should invest in learning the popular language. Not only will it help increase your salary, but it’ll also open the door to endless career opportunities as the demand continues to rise. The Python programmer salary is better than the average software development salary for a reason. And once you finish your first Python development project, you’ll know why. If you’re considering deploying your next IT project using Python, you better get started. There’s no telling how far Python will go, but there’s no doubt it’ll be somewhere big as the language keeps getting better year after year.