Health Benefits of Purified Water

When your mind is completely boggled by all of the different ways that you can get healthy quickly, people often overlook the simplicity of using their best water filter pitcher to produce purified water. The truth is that you need lots of and it is really good for you. People are too preoccupied with the latest superfoods or where they can get goji berries to sprinkle on their cornflakes, whereas they should be concentrating on hydration. So why exactly should you drink purified fluid, and why is it better than what comes out of the tap? If you’re wondering, “what is purified water?” and why it’s essential for your health, were going to tell you all about it.


You’re probably familiar with the smell – the pongy and stinking substances that are used to disinfect a swimming pool. Well, unfortunately, it is being used to purify your regular drinking water too. This is why you may have noticed the stuff coming out of your tap tasting more bitter and having strange whiff that really ought not to be there in the first place. We really don’t need chemical disinfectants in our water. A carbon filter that produces the best-purified water can reduce the amount of chlorine by up to 99%.

Dirty Piping

The water that you drink is likely to be free of dirt after leaving treatment facilities; however, it still needs to travel a long way before it gets through your tap. All of that journey along rusty pipes and even dangerous lead piping in old cities can cause a lot of dirt and unwanted heavy metals to build up. Pipes are rarely replaced, and they can be very old indeed. Even if you’re not able to notice pieces of rust, dirt, or sand coming from your tap, microscopic quantities are there. You’ll be surprised to see just how much foreign matter is there. So, is purified water distilled to remove such unwanted products? Absolutely.

What Is Purified Water? — Water Without Bacteria

Apart from dirt and chemicals in your regular tap water, one of the scariest things that can lurk in it is microorganisms. It sounds like something out of a horror movie, but there could be small amounts of bacteria present that could breed and grow. When it comes to purified vs spring water, the experts at MyKitchenAdvisor say that this is one of the main reasons why filtered water is so good for your health. Ultraviolet purification technology will kill germs and stop them from reproducing if they remain alive. This really needs to be carried out after the removal of chlorine because if to skip this stage, you won’t be able to store it for a long time.

Minerals and Essentials

It is common to associate purification of water by taking everything out. When it’s natural, it is full of magnesium, calcium, and potassium, which are required for physical development. So, will you really want to take these things out? A lot of people love the idea of reverse osmosis, yet this is a problem because it takes these minerals out. This results in water, which isn’t as healthy as it could be. By purifying in a way that it leaves essential minerals in, it will be just like having healthy and microorganism-free mineral tap water.

Smell and Taste

Unfortunately, some of the world’s healthiest things taste really horrible. A spoonful of wheatgrass or spirulina – these make you want to gag! Would you like to eat these in large quantities if they don’t taste so great? Unsurprisingly that they don’t comprise the bulk of the ordinary diet.

We should really want to guzzle a lot of water down in order to be healthy, but if you’ve got some cheap stuff, then it really won’t taste great. You should always opt for the best. The things we like can also be beneficial for us; therefore, always drink the purified one to improve your health.

Final Words

We hope to have shown you that the benefits of drinking purified water are overwhelming. Not only does it taste better, but it’s full of goodness and free from unwanted pathogens, debris, and bad bits. The right to clean drinking water is the number one human right, so improve the quality of yours because you deserve to drink what’s good for you.

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