Folding Wagon

If you want to make sure that you are not wasting money, you need to figure out exactly for what purposes you are going to use a folding wagon. For example, if you plan on carrying items from your vehicle to a beach campsite, we strongly advise that you purchase a product that has wheels designed for sand. If you want to pull your kids around, then you should go for a model that comes equipped with seat belts and has soft padding installed.

But one thing we can tell you for sure: after you start using a folding wagon, you will soon realize how convenient it is. It will be the best purchase you have ever made. Coming home with two weeks’ worth of groceries? Just take the folding wagon out of the trunk and place everything inside. Your belongings will get transported smoothly in one trip. And you won’t put any strain on your arms either; they will be used to steer the folding wagon instead of lifting the heavy groceries.

Figure out the Wagon Capacity and Mobility

It is natural that we will aim for a folding wagon that can accommodate as much weight as possible while also remaining compact. We strongly recommend that you do not purchase a model that has a capacity of over 150 pounds. This way, you will have a model that should be able to satisfy all your weight needs without giving up mobility.

Nonetheless, if you happen to need higher capacity and are willing to sacrifice mobility, then you can still find plenty of options that can accommodate more goods.

Inspect the Steering Mechanism on the Folding Wagon

Having a massive device that you cannot steer would be an unwise investment. Therefore, you should take a closer look at the steering mechanism and determine if a folding wagon has a solid setup or not.

A good control system should allow making sharp maneuvers at a moment’s notice. It is also advisable that you investigate whether you can push the wagon without much effort. As a useful tip, we recommend to keep it in front of you so that you can see if items have fallen out. Placing the wagon behind, you would require to check on items inside from time to time and confirm that everything is still there.

Some folding wagon models have a collapsible side that makes it double into a small bench. This is amazing if you are taking your toddler to an amusement park. A super useful feature to have when you are waiting in line for your kid’s favorite ride.

Assess the Quality of the Materials

Given the fact no solid body is involved, the only way you can get a quality product is if the materials used are of top quality. When it comes to fabric, you should aim for tear-resistant thick nylon or something similar. If to speak about the frame, we recommend that you choose one that is made out of steel because it will last longer than any other option. However, if you need a light wagon, then you could give aluminum a try. Look for a durable, easy to maneuver foldable item, and its usefulness will surely surprise you.

You should also investigate how easy it is to fold your collapsible truck. If you get one that takes a few seconds to set up, then it is wise to keep it in the trunk of your car. They usually take up little space, so you can pop them outside the vehicle and use them in your day to day activities. If during the day you need to carry around heavy things, this could be godsent. And keep in mind that this is not only about utility; it also saves the strain on your arms that would otherwise build daily.

Test the Handle of the Folding Wagon

Wagon handles come in a great variety of styles and is arranged in different positions. You can expect to find handles that have a fixed design or handles that can be adjusted length-wise. Make sure that you choose one that suits your needs and you find the most comfortable. You will be the one that has to pull the wagon around, so make sure that you do not go for an awkward handle. It needs to have a soft grip so that you keep your palms comfy while also being centered. A handle that is not centered will make steering a nightmare and will have a much higher chance of tipping over to either side. We know that you will only use it little by little, but it is much wiser to purchase one with a nice grip.

Try looking back on your daily activities and the family trips you usually organize. If you can identify moments when having a folding wagon would have been super useful, then it is time to get one. They can be amazing for visiting the zoo or amusement parks. It’s twice as beneficial if you have a toddler. In most folding wagons, you can fit two toddlers without any issues whatsoever.


These are the tips we have for all of you that are looking for a good folding wagon. However, we encourage all our readers to use the comments section and share their experiences. Only by gathering as much info as possible, we will be able to help others. So, leave the comments to let us know about your expertise on the matter. Do not hesitate to share any useful tips. It doesn’t matter how isolated the scenarios are because it will show other readers the versatility of using folding wagons.

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