Almost every iPhone user must have, at least once in their lives, experienced the iPhone black screen and iPhone won’t turn on bugs. Although these problems can be easily fixed, one gets a mini heart attack when their iPhone screen becomes black or the device refuses to start.

In situations like these, usually, users jump on to the internet to find workable solutions. This post aims at doing exactly that. It will not only help you in understanding what causes bugs like iPhone black screen but will also guide you about the solutions to problems like the iPhone won’t turn on.

What Causes iPhone Black Screen?

iPhone black screen, also known as the black screen of death is a condition in which the iPhone screen stays black and becomes non-responsive to your commands. You may try to launch an application or make a voice call, the screen will not budge from the ‘black’ output and remains as good as dead.

In some cases, you might be able to hear sounds but no visuals. In others, you might experience a complete blackout with no audio. Regardless of your case, if you are experiencing the iPhone black screen problem, then know that you are not the only one.

Numerous iPhone users face a similar problem after they upgrade their iOS system to a newer version. Many others have faced this problem in the past because of software glitches and crashes which can be easily fixed.

How To Fix The iPhone Black Screen?

In order to fix the iPhone black screen problem, a minor iOS system repair is needed. This involves force restarting the device using the buttons on it. Follow the steps mentioned below and get your iPhone screen working again. A gentle reminder though – when you try force restarting your iPhone, it will not make you lose your data. It will only help you get past the frozen screen.

  1. Press and quickly release the volume up button.
  2. Then press and quickly release the volume down button.
  3. In the end, press and hold the side button for a good 2-3 seconds unless the Apple logo appears on the screen.

This shall do the trick and power on your screen back. However, in some cases, the iPhone won’t turn on even after following the mentioned steps. Other problems that users might encounter while trying to recover black screen include iPhone stuck on the Apple logo.  In case the formerly mentioned problem pops up, read up the next section.

What Causes The ‘iPhone Won’t Turn On’ Problem?

If your device refuses to respond to the above-mentioned steps and does not turn on at all, chances are it is because of either of the two situations:

  1. Your battery is out of charge.
  2. Or your iPhone or any of its accessories are damaged.

How To Fix ‘iPhone Won’t Turn On’ Problem?

What should you do in situations like these? The answers to each of these situations are very simple and explained below.

1. iPhone Battery has Zero Charge

If your iPhone refuses to respond to the force restart process completely and won’t turn on, no matter what then, first of all, check for the device’s charge. Chances are that your device is out of charge and that is why it is not responding to the force restart.

What should you do?

  1. Plug in a charger.
  2. Wait for the battery charging sign to show up on the black screen.
  3. When the battery charging sign shows up, let your iPhone charge for a while.
  4. After that repeat the force start process.

This shall help you in getting your iPhone turned on and recovering its screen too.

2. Damaged Accessories or Device

If the process mentioned above also fails and the battery charging sign does not show up on your device, then you need to check for damages.  These include:

  1. Checking for a damaged power cord.
  2. Checking for a broken charging socket.
  3. Other things to look out for include a damaged USB charging port and a damaged charger.
  4. Sometimes, none of the device accessories or device itself is damaged. They are all just loosely connected. So you might want to run a check for a loose connection to the power source.

Check and fix if any of these issues are found. If there are no damage issues and your device still remains non-responsive then my friend, you need to check in with the Apple Support.

Is There Any Other Way To Get Help?

Sure, there is. If you are not a tech-savvy person who doesn’t want to get their hands dirty doing the manual force restart job or if you simply don’t want to bother the Apple people yet, then Dr.Fone – Repair (iOS) is what you need.

Dr. Fone – Repair (iOS) is iOS repair software that helps in fixing problems like the black screen, iPhone error 3194, a frozen screen, and iPhone won’t start, etc. It is easy to use and highly reliable. No data is a loss in the process and the software execution time is a maximum of 10 minutes.

The only requirements this software have to include storage specifications and compatibility issues. Dr. Fone – Repair (iOS) requires disk space of 200MB plus. Moreover, it is compatible with specific versions of Windows and Mac’s Operating systems. These versions have been specified on the official website clearly.

To sum it up, Dr. Fone – Repair (iOS) will save your time, guarantee your screen recovery and iPhone turning on, ensure data safety, and all of this at a free cost. Moreover, the software provider guarantees customer support post software installation and helps its users out of their misery.


iPhone users can experience screens blacking out in the future too. This is not a once in a lifetime of iPhone phenomena. Since this bug is a result of upgrading to newer versions of iOS, chances are iPhone users will keep experiencing these issues in the future too. Therefore, it is better to have iOS repair software downloaded and installed on your computer. Especially when it is not only charging you 0 bucks for the utility it offers but is also known for its reliability and credibility.