Wokandapix (CC0), Pixabay

Self-isolation or social distancing can be a difficult situation for anyone in which you are caught by loneliness, stress, anxiety, and frustration that affect your mental health as well as physical health. This type of situation increased with people in the lockdown were isolated due to Covid 19.

People were self-isolating themselves when symptoms of Covid-19 came to be known. During self-isolation, you feel bored and frustrated because there is no work to do yet it increases stress and anxiety and starts affecting your mental health. There are several ways to look after your mental health while you are Self-Isolating.

1. Have a healthy diet

Not eating healthy and having an unbalanced diet may be the reason for stress. Healthy meals and diet is the most important factor which keeps you energetic and stress-free. During self-isolation, we start eating unhealthy food like fast food, snacks, oily and soft drinks which reduces the energy level of the body and you feel a lack of strength in the body, obesity, laziness, and anxiety. Therefore start and maintain a healthy diet that keeps you fresh, and energetic.

2. Do workout and sleep well

Doing workouts and exercises, your body releases chemicals like endorphins and Morphine that are responsible for the positive feelings that reduce stress and boost self-esteem, also it improves your sleep. Quality Sleeping can improve your productivity and memory. Sleep can help you to boost your immune system and strengthen your heart.

Hence always have a good 8 hours of sleep that improves your mental health. There are lots of options you can choose for making your body active and that can be yoga, meditation, joining a gym or you can also play sports. This is the best way to Look After Your Mental Health While Self-Isolating.

3. Go closer to nature

Nature helps in the secretion of stress hormones and you start feeling relaxed. Fear, tension, and anger disappears and reduces muscle tension, heart rate, blood pressure which makes your body become light again and you start living with pleasure and fulfillment.

Nature is the best medicine for stress and anxiety and helps to improve physical and mental health. Hence if you were self-isolated for some time and you feel that your mental and physical health was affected and you are trying to find out the best way to heal then definitely nature will be the best cure for you.

4. Scrabble

The best way to avoid loneliness and frustration is to play Scrabble. Scrabble is a free online game that you can play with your friends, relatives, and siblings. This is a type of mental therapy in which your mind keeps busy and makes your thoughts positive. When you play Scrabble your mind is automatically diverted from loneliness and gets engaged.

The multiplayer features of the scrabble allow you to connect to people, where you forget all about your self-isolation and try to spend time with them. Scrabble makes your mind active and sharper, also you are able to make decisions faster. Scrabble can reduce the effects of loneliness on your mental health. Therefore scrabble is the best effective way to Look After Your Mental Health While you are in Self-Isolation. You can use tools such as Word Unscrambler or an Anagram Solver to unscramble the scrabble words to get some quick help.

5. Words with Friends

One of the best ways to connect with your loved ones is through online games, Words with Friends, which is the best online multiplayer crossword game to play with your friends. It keeps you busy and in a learning mode and also trains your brain, improves your vocabulary, and sharpens your mind. The social-friendly features of Words with Friends reduce the risk of depressions from Self-isolation as well as entertain you.

In the Words with Friends game, you have to complete your daily goals and weekly challenges by competing with your family members or friends or you can find a stranger as a perfect match. This game allows you to chat with your opponents which gives you a feeling of being connected and you can also track your progress and with your in-game statistics. So if you like a word puzzle, feeling lonely and getting bored Words with Friends will be the best choice for you.