The battle between Android vs iPhone is timeless. The race has gone in and out of favor for the 2 brands ever since their rivalry started. There have even been times where they both fell behind a different company.

Regardless of the setbacks they’ve had, though, they always came back strong and beat each other. With the announcement that the new iPhone is coming soon, Apple sets itself up to beat Android this year. Most people are rallying behind this and are stating, once again, that the iPhone is better than Android.

Is this true, though? Do their statements hold any truth?

We’ll answer those questions today by looking at what an iPhone can do that an Android cannot. Read on to know why buying an iPhone is better than buying an Android.

1. Filter Spam Messages

In a recent iOS update, Apple made it possible to filter out spam messages in any app or software. It does this through a learning AI which starts the moment you set up your device and account. The AI learns the patterns of the messages you get and makes an algorithm to filter messages that send repetitive and similar messages in a set time.

Android phones can’t do this and instead rely on the user’s input to filter anything. The machine learning the iPhone uses provides users with more convenient features compared to Android.

The beauty in the way iPhone smartphones filter out messages is that it works when you’re using an app. This means you can even have spam messages filtered out when you’re using different apps like in games and such. This will help prevent notification flooding from certain apps without your permission.

2. Natural Screen Recording

Screen recording is a feature that allows people to take a video of what’s happening on their screens. This allows people to showcase their themes and show off what their phone is capable of. The feature also allows users to report the exact problem to customer support if they have trouble describing it.

Android phones do not have this feature integrated into their devices. They will have to download other apps to enable this on their phones. The Apple iPhone has this feature native in them.

This removes the risk of downloading unverified apps to enable a useful feature. It’s also a luxury to have this native to the phone to save storage space. Having it integrated means you won’t need to spare the space to have it installed.

3. Hardware and Software Integration

Apple products have a unique way of using new hardware upgrades and new software features together. This makes them the leading innovative company when it concerns app functionality. This unique integration method allows the iPhone to use new software to perfection.

An example of this is the Animoji app. This app relies on the iPhone’s camera to capture and transmit the picture to it in record time. The app then applies the filter to the face in real-time and makes sure it doesn’t break away from the filter for even a split second.

The Apple iPhone is the only phone that is reliable enough to do this with ease. Other smartphones will take a moment to load and can sometimes cause the device to freeze.

4. Provide Optional Software Updates

A great feature with the iPhone is that you have the option to update your operating system or not. While updating the system is often always the best option, having the choice to update or not means you have more freedom with your device and its systems.

Choosing not to update can save you from losing data that’s incompatible with the new version. This gives you time to back up your data before you go for the update. You can also abstain from the update as long as you want with the iPhone.

Android phones often require a mandatory update for you. They also often have updates without prior notice. This means you don’t have time to back up your files before updating.

5. Perfect Synchronization Between All Apple Devices

The Apple iPhone allows you to have perfect synchronization between your products. This is because of the iCloud that makes perfect synchronization possible. iCloud ensures all registered devices get the same message for you to not miss anything.

Registering to iCloud is also simple. All you need to do is apply your Apple ID while registering with the device you want to synchronize with your other devices. Once you do this, you’ll have access to all the messages other devices get.

There are also more ways for you to use iCloud. Once you figure out how to turn on the iCloud music library, you can play music on multiple devices. This is great for surrounding an area with your music of choice for a party, for example.

6. Run Exceptional Security Features

What can an iPhone do that an Android can’t? Providing excellent security features is one of the many examples.

The verification processes Apple products have put other brands to shame. They have different ways of verifying the phone holder’s identity. The owners of the phone choose what method gets used, making sure they’re the only ones who know what to expect.

Failing these processes means that the phone could get locked. Should they be able to pass and use the iPhone, the phone’s location gets pinged once it’s online. This alerts the owner if someone’s using their phone and where they are.

The iPhone security features also prepare themselves against thieves who don’t mess with the phone until they’re sure they can access the contents. The owner can have the phone deadlocked if they want. Customer support will then deadlock the phone, preventing any further use.

This is a last resort move used by owners if they think they have no chance of getting their iPhone anymore.

It also helps that the iPhone isn’t an open-source like Android. This means they don’t have any issue with malware attacks from suspicious apps. Speaking of suspicious apps, the Apple app store is also selective of what they put on display.

Apps are what define the phone and its user. Apple knows this and ensures that each app is free of everything but its intended features. This allows you to be confident in what you download there.

7. Send Money to Different Apple Users

The messaging app on the iPhone has a unique feature that allows you to send money to other users. This makes it easier for users to make transactions with one another. It also makes sure there are no problems with the transaction itself.

This is because the feature doesn’t allow senders to input more than what they have in their wallets. Users can also send it straight to the other party’s bank account. This is possible as long as the other party has their accounts linked to their device.

There is also another feature called Apple Pay. This makes it easier to pay for services and products in stores that support the feature. All you need to do is bring your iPhone close to a terminal and let it pay for your expenses.

8. Launch a Private Storage Server between a Group of Users

A group server is something that Android phones lack as of the moment. Having an iPhone allows you to share files with other Apple products that don’t belong to you. This means you can launch a private server to share files with your families if you live far from each other.

This feature is useful in other methods like for work purposes. You can synchronize with the devices of your coworkers to ensure connection. This allows you to send files with confidence knowing everyone involved gets them.

You can link these servers with other accounts, too. Linking this with your iTunes account, for example, allows everyone to use it when they wish. This feature is good at ensuring no one gets left behind in anything.

9. Provide Support and Quick Solutions to User Problems

Unlike Android, Apple’s customer support is quick and efficient. They’re also always there for users should they encounter any problem. Android users often have to go online to look up ways to resolve the issues they’re having.

If you have a problem with your iPhone, though, all you need to do is contact customer support. They will ask you some questions for verification, then tackle your problem. You can do this on another device or from the iPhone itself, even if it has a problem.

Your device needs to be functional enough to make a call to make this possible. Customer support will then provide different ways of fixing your problem. It’s rare for them to leave a client with an unresolved issue, too.

What Can an iPhone Do That an Android Can’t? Find Out Today

What can an iPhone do that an Android can’t? The truth is it can handle everything that matters to a user! The difference between iPhone and Android should be clear at this point.

Get an iPhone and be confident it’s the right choice today! Don’t fret if it’s your first iOS device. We’ve got more guides to help you get the most out of it!