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Small RV rentals can be more advantageous than larger RVs in various ways. Sometimes called compact RVs, which are small RVs can offer most of the comforts you find in larger RVs but on a smaller scale. These RVs are designed to accommodate a small group of people, such as three or more people if you don’t worry about sacrificing a bit of your comfort. In other words, they are suitable for small families who need a small space while traveling.

When considering whether a small RV rental is the right option for your needs, remember that a small RV is usually categorized as a Class B, Class C, or tiny trailers. Both of these options are affordable, economical, and easy to maneuver. This page discusses what you need to know about small RV rental.

A small RV rental

As the name suggests, a small RV rental is what you may be thinking, it’s a recreational vehicle that is smaller in size than the larger RV. Small RVs allow you to travel without any need to deal with the challenges that a full-size RV brings. Keep in mind that a full-size RV can sometimes be hard to navigate and it’s expensive to operate when it comes to filling it with gas.

So once you rent a small RV, you have a chance of exploring off-road destinations because they are smaller to make them capable of moving on rocky or narrow roads.

If you like tent camping and would like to upgrade to a more convenient type of camping, perhaps a small RV is your best option. You see, you can still spend more time exploring as a small RV allows you to travel to places that larger RVs can’t go.

As mentioned above, a small RV is a great way to get to more distant destinations where camping can be less crowded and expensive. Even better, because they are fuel-efficient, you can have a less stressful trip while enjoying viewing the stunning nature.

Small RV rental prices

When renting a small RV, you need to make a deposit, and some rental agencies require you to deposit some money when you make a reservation. This deposit holds your reservation and it usually applies to the final cost of renting an RV. See the prices for the small RVs at https://www.thewanderingrv.com/small-rv-rental/.

Besides this deposit, you are also supposed to make a security deposit which is common in many RV rental services. This deposit is refundable as long as you return the small RV undamaged when you complete your traveling.

On the other hand, there is insurance which is not optional when it comes to renting a small RV. While some rental companies may offer insurance which can end up with an additional fee, others don’t. So if the company does offer insurance, you need to get it on your own.

Just like any type of transportation, prices for renting a small RV increase during the peak seasons. The price can also be determined by the size and availability of the RV. Therefore, you can get a daily rate for your small RV rental.

Ideally, the bigger the RV, the higher the price will be on your daily rate. The good news is that you can check for RV rental specials and deals because some companies have these in place.

Aside from the daily rate, rental companies may also charge for each mile you drive in your small RV. So make sure that you plan your trip carefully ahead of time to help you figure out what to expect when you hire a small RV.

A small RV renting process

It makes more sense to rent a small RV when you’re traveling solo, with young children, or with a partner. In this way, you can get more adventure for your money, and if you are an outdoor type of person, likely you will be spending more time outside of your RV.

On the other hand, it’s a good idea to rent a larger RV if you want to have ultimate luxury while on your vacation or desire to cuddle on the couch and forget that you’re on the road. No wonder, families or large groups of people can benefit from having more space to stretch out and have some privacy.

If you plan to rent a small RV, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind. Firstly, RVs are usually picked up and returned to the same location. So if you want to have a one-way rental, then you have to make some arrangements, though you may need to pay more to have that privilege.

Hence, when you go to pick up your small RV, make sure that it’s in perfect condition and clean. You should also verify that all the equipment and appliances are working properly.

Here is how you can check all these, make sure that you check for any scratches, dings, or other blemishes. While doing this, ensure that the RV owner is present before you take it on the road. The best way is to take pictures of any damages so that you can be on a safe side.

As explained earlier, you should prepare to complete a rental application and pay a deposit before you pick up your small RV. The full amount of renting the RV will likely be due when you go to pick up the small RV rental.

Depending on the RV renting company, you may need to supply your kitchen utensils, cleaning supplies, and linens. In most cases, some companies may include these items, but as an additional option that attracts an extra fee.

The cost of a basic kitchen can be anywhere from $50 to $100. additional equipment like a portable generator, lawn chairs, and bike rack can also be available at a cost.

It’s also important to find out if your existing auto insurance can cover the small RV you rent. However, if it can’t, then you may need to buy an additional insurance cover.

When returning the RV after your trip, you need to give it back with a full tank and in good and clean condition. So if you return it on an empty fuel tank, you may be required to pay a refueling cost, which can be more than the average price per gallon. You should also empty the waste because failure to clean the RV can cost you more money.