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The 7 major benefits of yoga for our health

Yoga has been widespread for decades as a system for preventing, maintaining, and correcting health with mental, emotional, and physical benefits. While you may have heard the benefits of yoga for our health, it is highly likely that you have not tried it yet. Take a closer look at how our health and happiness benefit from this particular form of exercise. Before you start exploring the amazing benefits of yoga, take some time to rewind or just have some fun by visiting an online casino. When you are ready, we can continue by informing you about the most important benefits practicing yoga provides us with. Let’s have a look.


While the physical benefits of yoga are widely known by pretty much everyone it is important to also consider the emotional and psychological benefits as well. There is something that makes a yogi happy: an hour of asanas – a sequence of standing, sitting, and balancing postures – increases the GABA amino acid levels (low levels associated with depression) by 27%, compared to a silent group reading, several studies have shown. People prone to depression have been proven to benefit from practicing yoga for at least 12 weeks. It is important to understand also that practicing yoga does not necessarily mean doing hot yoga or intense vinyasa flows for an hour. You can start with as little as 5 or 10 minutes a day and you can gradually increase the time doing yoga daily, weekly, or however, it works best for you.

People can have a terribly busy schedule, but everyone can afford to spend 5 minutes exercising every morning before starting the day or in the night before going to sleep. Also bear in mind yoga is not only about physical movement and activity, it can be also about meditation and overall mindfulness. You can have small 5-minute breaks throughout the day, let’s say before a stressful meeting or during lunchtime, to relax and focus on your breathing. By closing the eyes and focusing on the moment you can already reduce the stress significantly. By slowly introducing some mild stretches or postures you can start taking this experience to the next level.

No more back pain

Forget the lower back pain. Those who had similar problems and took two 90-minute yoga classes a week for about six months experienced a 56% reduction in pain, according to a study. Those who took pain treatments, such as medication or physiotherapy, saw a reduction of only 16%. Yoga improves posture and strengthens back muscles, keeping pain away, researchers say. And this does not apply only to back pain. Your problem areas maybe your knees, joints in general or your neck, you name it, yoga can help with all of this. Note though that before starting any physical activity you should consult your doctor as you may need some adjustments or limitations and always advise your yoga trainer accordingly so they can help you make the most out of each session but most importantly help you stay healthy and safe avoiding any potential injuries or discomfort.

Quality of sleep

Those who suffered from insomnia slept 15 minutes faster and one hour more each night, after two months of a 45-minute yoga workout daily before bed. Researchers believe that yoga helps people relax, making it easier to sleep. Three weekly sessions each day can also help you sleep deeper, according to the study. Yoga except for being proven to increase relaxation it can also be used as a bridge to start the sleep ritual after a busy day. By making it a habit to practice yoga before sleeping your body adjusts to this new calmness and relaxation and your brain gets adapted to this whole new sleeping ritual. Waking up also can become a healthy ritual that prepares you for the new day. Do a few stretches before getting up, make your bed so you can finish the sleeping ritual, and do a few sun salutations. Now you are ready to start the new day with the power of calmness and why not happiness too.

Better sex

This is an advantage of yoga not many people are aware of but it is also a major benefit. You can boost your sex drive by doing asanas daily, according to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine. A love affair: yoga helps reduce stress and even speed up the release of hormones. All this translates into a boost in libido and better sex. If you cannot do daily yoga, two hours a week can make a difference. Why not take it to the next level and practise yoga with your partner? Even better.

High confidence

Yoga can be the “ticket” to loving your body, according to research from the University of California at Berkeley. Women who practiced yoga regularly reported 20% more satisfaction with their bodies than those who did aerobics, even though both groups were healthy. The secret may be that yoga leads us to harmonize with how our body feels and what it can do and not how it looks. Yoga makes us be conscious of our body and can teach us gradually to love ourselves and our body exactly how we are at this given moment and it helps us work towards our body goals and our better, improved self whatever that means for each individual.

Becoming stronger

Smart yogis know that weights are not the only way to shape our bodies. Yoga is strength training, according to experts. We use our body weight to move from posture to posture and in certain postures, we lift every pound. For guaranteed tightening, focus on muscle-sculpting asanas.

Feeling calm

Get rid of stress! Women who did yoga, at least once a week for two or more years, released 41% fewer cytokines (a type of protein) that can make us feel tired and moody than beginners in yoga, a study by Psychosomatic Medicine has shown.

As you can see yoga is an investment in both our physical and mental health as well to our relationship with ourselves and potential with others. Put yoga in your life and experience all these amazing benefits for yourself!