Remote access is one of the best ways to access software because it allows sales associates to take advantage of the advanced programs you purchased for them. This can range from financing software, AI marketing software, revenue management, and more. This will go over remote access security along with how AI is changing the business landscape.

Business Trends in Using AI

AI is an adaptive form of machine intelligence that learns based on your actions and any new information fed into it. Because of this, AI can be used to make you faster, more effective, and significantly more effective. For example, AI marketing programs can determine what people respond to most and deliver tailored marketing messages that resonate with the individual client.

AI is being used in chatbots, marketing software, email programs, websites, and contracts. These programs discover what makes people tick and work on them until they’re ready to spend. These programs can even determine when someone is close to signing a contract or spending money and will send discounts at the best time to make them finally spend their money.

These programs can be right at your fingertips if you have remote access. This allows you to use the programs no matter where they are stored.

Security Risks Involved with Remote Access

Remote access is fantastic because it allows you to access programs regardless of your physical location. Whether you’re at home, with a client, on a plane or anywhere else, you can access all the top-tier software you’ve invested in with secure remote access. At the same time, remote access has numerous security risks if you aren’t being careful.

Perhaps the biggest problem is permissive access. Do you only allow certain devices to access the software, or can any laptop, smartphone, tablet or desktop access the programs? If you allow any device to access the network, then it’s easier for unauthorized entities to gain access.

Many people forget to update their computers because it seems useless. Most updates are security updates. Failing to keep a computer updated makes it easier for hackers to break into your system. Another issue is weak encryption. If the network has weak encryption, then it’s possible for hackers to bypass security.

Lax asset tracking can also be an issue. Most employees will be nervous about reporting a stolen computer, so they won’t say anything unless prompted. Many computers also go missing, and this will only be discovered through stringent asset tracking. Failing in this regard means that hackers can get their hands on your computers and easily access the network.

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Successful Revenue Management

Revenue management is huge for any business. You need to ensure that you’re selling the right products to the right people and only pushing them at the right time. Getting any of these aspects wrong can lead to lower sales, no sales, or someone else selling products to that client. That’s where revenue management comes in. These programs and philosophies are meant to help you understand clients better so that you know what they want and when they want it.

While people are good at gathering information and forecasting, the truth is that computers are much better at this. AI revenue management gathers more data about people by watching what they are doing, what products they’re interested in and when they engage most with emails and other communications. This allows AI revenue management software that makes a very accurate forecast about what the client is thinking.

If you want a program with this power at your fingertips whenever you need it, then remote access is essential. There might be security risks if you aren’t careful, but you can mitigate that by being smart about security.

How AI has Changed Sales and Marketing

AI is changing every software for the better, and that includes sales and marketing. In terms of marketing, AI is able to tailor each communication to an individual. Years ago, a business would craft an email or newsletter that they assumed would reach the most people. They used gathered information to determine which products resonated with most customers, what words they liked hearing, and the best time for email engagement.

AI has made this easier. Modern marketing emails are typically a template made by a human with spots that AI can fill in. For example, an email might talk about some new things with the company, how they are expanding and have new discounts, and then there will be sections of relevant products or services. AI picks these products based on the customer’s engagement. This means that every email is different.

This helps with marketing because humans have to do less work to craft winning communications and because each communication is for that individual only. It’s no longer about trying to target the most people because you can target everyone individually. Since each communication resonates with that person, and the email is sent based on their peak engagement level, this will also improve sales.

How Revenue Intelligence Better Understands Customers

Revenue intelligence is a powerful program that collects data based on every action a customer commits. As a person, you can easily see what a customer is buying when they buy it, and you can assume why they like the product. Revenue intelligence can go much deeper.

Depending on how much access it has, it can see what people are searching, what devices they prefer, when they access certain information and emails, and so much more. It’s a much deeper look into how customers interact with information and products.

This allows you to understand their exact needs. If you want to get the most sales possible and compete with other businesses using the same software, then you need to upgrade your software and start using AI.


AI is a fantastic enhancement to business software because it dives much deeper into what clients are doing and why they do it. Accessing this software often requires remote access, which can be as beneficial as it is risky. If you are safe and mind your security policies, then you should have no problems.