Eyeshadow can be intimidating — between expansive palettes and luxurious creams; the options feel endless. At the end of the day, it’s just about finding the right product for you and understanding the advantages to different formulas.

That said, there are a lot of reasons why you may want to make the change from a powdered eyeshadow to a cream based one. Take the BY TERRY Ombre Blackstar cream eye shadow, for example; this luxurious product provides long-lasting pigment and is resistant to smudging!

There are some eyeshadow basics that you should know before making the switch, but there is no denying the countless ways that using cream eyeshadow will make your morning routine easier.

Here’s how cream eyeshadow can help you save money and time — without sacrificing your makeup look:

1: It’s Easy & Quick To Apply

It’s ridiculously easy to apply cream eyeshadows; they glide on, mix well, and come in various pigments.

You can apply the cream formula using your fingers instead of having to use a brush to dab at a powdered eyeshadow palette and hope it applies evenly on your eyelid.

It’s also worth mentioning that when you apply cream eyeshadow, you don’t use as much as you would powder — this saves both time and money.

2: You Can Blend Shadows Together

Cream eyeshadows typically blend better than powder-based eyeshadows, just because of the nature of their formula. It’s even easier to mix cream-based eyeshadow shades when they are in stick form! There are tons of blending strategies you can try when experimenting with different color combinations.

3: They Are Perfect to Layer With

Because cream formulas blend so well, you can always mix them with your powder eyeshadow! Cream eyeshadow acts the perfect base to prime your eyelids and helps your makeup last longer!

4: Less Mess

Creams bind well, while powder can break and crack. Protect your bathroom counter and floor — with cream eyeshadow you don’t have to worry about pieces breaking apart when you drop the packaging or press too hard with a brush.

5: It’s Long-Lasting On Your Face & In Packaging

A good cream-based eyeshadow will dry quickly without any creases. These products also tend to be smudge proof and will last you throughout the day.

Cream eye shadows last long not only your eyelids but in their packaging too! Because a little bit of cream shadow goes a long way — these eyeshadows tend to be very pigmented — you tend to use a lot less than you would a powder.

BONUS: Good for Dry & Mature Skin

Powders tend to dry out skin, whereas cream-based makeups have moisturizing and hydrating properties. Powder-based eyeshadows sit in fine lines around your eyes and can collect in your pores.

Cream eyeshadows, on the other hand, don’t sit in these fine lines and leave your skin feeling hydrated — which is why they are so good for dry eyelids! They are also ideal for mature skin because it won’t crease or crack.

Be sure to consider your cream eyeshadow options next time you head to the store in hopes to find a new product to up your eye makeup game.