What is Celeb jihad?


Celeb Jihad

Celeb jihad boasts of being a notorious website which digs dirt on various celebrities. When I checked it out the website had a fake video of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Socialist Democrat Congresswoman. The website seems to be run by some right-wing nut job, which we have plenty of running around shouting fake news. This website seems to be waging war against the mostly left-leaning Hollywood industry.

Title And Motive

The title of this website is “Celeb jihad – Explosive Celebrity Gossip From Islamic Extremists.” But it mostly looks like a portal for defaming all the right-wing enemies, all at one place. It caters to the needs of right-leaning voters who find pleasure in such notorious places.

Domain and Website Hosting Details

The domain for this website has been registered through Godaddy.com and is private. So there is no way to know who is the owner of this website. Name Servers used for Celeb jihad are KARINA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, YICHUN.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM. That indicates that the website is hosted on Cloudflare.com CDN.

Celeb jihad Traffic Details

If we look at the traffic, most of it is from the USA. I checked the traffic stats on Ahrefs.com, which shows that this website gets around 5.2 million hits from the USA, 1 million hits from the United Kingdom and 806k from Germany. These stats are not accurate but are mostly close to the real figures according to my research.


How legal is this website? Should it even exist as it is spreading fake news about famous people, defaming them for greed and satisfying their base?  Why are the celebrities silent on the issue? Why they don’t act against these websites and shut them down. Maybe some people don’t care, but for some, it can bring a psychological crisis. Their privacy is on the stake here. How many of us would like their intimate pictures to be distributed publicly?

Such actions by someone to satisfy their greed can destroy the career and life of others. This breach of privacy can even push celebrities into the world of drugs and depression.  Celeb jihad is playing with the lives of many celebrities. These type of websites should be taken action against so that many lives can be saved from being destroyed.